Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mother's Day

This year, I was delighted to be back home in Louisiana so I could host a Mother's Day Brunch. I got the idea from pinterest last year and it finally came to pass. I got the printables from Amanda's Parties to Go  My parents opened up their house to us and let me plan away. I thought it would be easier to have everyone at mom's house instead of everyone driving down to see us. My aunts were there, and my sister-in-law, and grandmother. We all had a fabulous time!


Thursday, June 13, 2013


Still playing catch up with the holidays...I actually have fast internet for a few days so I'm taking advantage of uploading pictures quickly. Theo was away with work this Easter so it was just me and the kids. I ended up volunteering to teach Sunday School since we couldn't spend Easter as a family anyway. Our church had a lunch and Easter egg hunt after the service which was a lot of fun. It has been quite a change going from a church of several THOUSAND people to one with 50 people tops :) But I am trusting God is using me there.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching Up: Christmas 2012

Wow, I have been really far behind in the blog arena. I blame it partially on spilling hot coffee on my laptop back in February and not having one for a few weeks. When I finally did get a new one, I couldn't install my camera software on it to upload pictures....until today! So, I am playing catch-up now. I plan on blogging more regularly with Theo's upcoming "trip" as this will be a good way for him to see photos of the kids since he is very anti-facebook!
Christmas this year was nice. We had a low key Christmas with just the five of us. We had celebrated Christmas with my family a few days prior but I haven't figured out where those pictures are these are from our little family on Christmas morning. I love seeing how excited the kids are. We are so blessed to be able to provide for our kids (even though it does seem a bit overboard!). We have lots of extended family who love our kids as well and love to do for them.

 And because Theo is really just a kid at heart....


Wednesday, December 5, 2012





Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Superhero birthday party for our six year old superhero!!

Better late than never, right? Since I (at least for the moment) have started to blog again, I wanted to include a post about Carter's sixth birthday party.....even if it was almost 3 months ago! Again, I must say I was depending on pinterest for some cute birthday party ideas. As usual, pinterest did not disappoint. The pictures I took from the party don't quite capture how cute, yet simple it all was. But I wanted to share them neverthless.

I had juice boxes set up to look like a tower, put cardstock on my cannisters to make them look like "buildings"and ordered a digital paper pack off of etsy for some added touches (and what I used to make the invites)

I scored some super on sale superhero pens from Michaels earlier in the summer. I used those, along with super hero fruit snacks as party favors for the boys and since there were alot of girls at the party, I got some princess puzzles too. But the highlight of the party favors was my mom sewed 20 super hero capes, complete with frills and lace for the girls! What a great mom I have!!

Keaghan sporting his little cape:

For food, I served the usual party food....corndogs, and other snacks I can't remember since it was three months ago :) I made chocolate cupcakes with homemade frosting and put red, white, blue sprinkles on top. I am not Martha Stewart when it comes to cupcake/cake decorating so these were so easy!


Carter ended up having a good turnout for his party. My brother and my nephew and nieces made the two hour drive down (and Omaw and Papaw too of course) and Carter was so excited to hang out with his cousins!

I love this picture and how "cool" Carter looks!

And finally after three years, the cousins are finally partying it up together!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our pinterest inspired Thanksgiving!

Wow, I know it's been literally months since I've blogged but I thought I should at least blog about our Thanksgiving. It was low key but nice. My dad was able to come up from south Louisiana and spend Thanksgiving with us for the first time ever. The kids were so excited to spend the day with grandpa! We had invited some of our friends but they had a sick child and weren't able to make it. We cooked a feast, as usual! Theo's momma raised him right. That man sure knows how to cook a turkey :)
I of course went a little overboard with all the pinterest idea. Keep in mind, we were expecting another family with kids to come...otherwise, I might not have gone to all the trouble. But it made me feel good to do some cute stuff for our kids.
Our family has so much to be thankful for! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!