Friday, September 30, 2011

World Day of Play

I've been having some major insomnia lately...I guess I'm so used to waking up multiple times at night that when I do go in to give Isaiah his one nightly bottle, I can't fall back asleep. So what's a mom to do but catch up on some blogging!

Last weekend, our "neighborhood" hosted a World Day of Play. We took the kids and they had a blast. The events were mostly for older kids but Olivia took part in a little fun too :)

Theo and Carter were under the parachute and I think Livie was looking for them!

Carter got to do some "real" rock climbing

And a little surfing
Olivia LOVED her some bouncy houses

Isaiah just hung out and took a nap mostly. I didn't get any pictures of him but it won't be too long until he's running around and playing like his big brother and sister :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

How my kids have been entertaining themselves...

Putting on plays complete with a cardboard box stage and construction paper curtains

The stage also works as a human Jack-Olivia-in the box

Busted out the jumper for little man...check out his drool action he's got going on. This thing has provided hours of entertainment for him and lots of spit up to clean up for me!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our first USAFA football game!

I'm still running behind with blogging but I did want to tell y'all about our first Air Force Academy football game. It was the weekend of 9/11 and I'm so glad we went that weekend. They did a lot to honor the troops and some of the fallen from that day. This picture was my was part of the half time show:

I will admit, I wasn't sure about going. Theo really wanted to go and it's on my "40 before 40 list" but it was right during naptime and I was all stressed about how the kids would do. Let me tell you, they were PERFECT....almost.
Carter is terrifed of fighter planes ever since we took him to an air show....two and half years ago! So as we were going through the ticket area, they had a flyby with some fighter planes and both he and Olivia were freaking out. I was thinking "Great...what a way to start out this adventure and we haven't even made it to our seats yet." But once everyone calmed down, the game was great. The football playin' not so much :) It's no SEC football for sure! But we had a blast. We left after the third quarter because Carter was tired. Olivia did great and she was the one I was most worried about. Isaiah did great until the crowd started cheering. And since TCU creamed the Air Force, there wasn't too much of that! Ha!

Hope there are many more college football games in our future!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dairy Queen Celebration

Even though we had already had Olivia's birthday celebration at her party, we wanted to do something special for her on her actual birthday. So that night, we loaded everyone up (which is a major accomplishment most days) and headed to DQ. The kids were in heaven. I only had a bite of ice cream and used nothing but sheer willpower since I'm trying to lose this stubborn baby weight get healthy. I look forward to many many years of birthday celebrations with our precious kids!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The rest of the party pictures

I am so far behind with blogging these days but I did want to post the rest of the pictures from the party.  They are mostly of our guests (most of our guests), who were so generous towards our kids, and of course, the birthday boy and girl! There will be a few collages because there are just too many photos to post all by themselves! Enjoy :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Isaiah photo shoot

Last week, I dressed Isaiah in THE cutest little outfit (courtesy of big bubba's hand-me-downs) so I had to snag some photos! Theo said Isaiah looked "country" and I took that as a compliment :) What do you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrating two years!

Olivia is two years old today! I still remember bringing her home from the hospital and how ecstatic I was to have the daughter I always knew I would.
I never dreamed I'd have as beautiful of a daughter as Olivia has turned out to be. Her smile truly lights up the room.

I wrote Olivia's birthday letter tonight but wanted to share what she's been up to this past year.  Olivia, my precious girl, at two years old you:
-are such a joy to have least most of the time!
The past six months have been up and down but the more you learn to talk and communicate, the happier you are. You are talking in two to three word sentences and are so proud when you learn new words. You have such dramatic facial expressions which I imagine you mimic from me.

-are such a little caregiver. You love on Isaiah and when he fusses, you try and "shhhh" him and calm him down. Just today, momma wasn't feeling too great this afternoon, and when I said that out loud, you immediately came over and put your hand on my forehead to see if I had a fever!

-are still a pretty adventurous eater but your appetite has slowed down lately. Last week, you ate homemade baked kale chips, which I couldn't believe! You aren't usually afraid to try new things.

-are into EVERYTHING these days! You are such a little daredevil and somehow are a magnet for off-limit things (like coloring all over the walls, dining room table, you name it). The other day, I caught you in the bathroom and you looked like a smurf! At first I thought you had covered yourself with your toothpaste but when I smelled what it was, I immediately knew it was Isaiah's selsun blue shampoo!!! You climbing all over the tables, both coffee and dining room. I blame it on your big brother!

-weigh about 24 pounds we think. You are wearing 2T clothes and still some 18-24 month clothes. You were a size 6 shoe and wear a size 4 diaper when you do wear disposable.

-are finally sleeping through the night most nights. Occasionally you get a little help (aka Benadryl) but it's okay with Dr. Lisa, so it's okay with me! If only I could give your baby brother some *sigh*..... You take a 2-3 hour nap on the days we're home but if we're out, you're usually good to go with a little catnap in the car.

-are quite the aggressive little girl! At the gym, you are often taking toys from other kids. When you see someone with something you want, you have no problems chasing that person around in order to try and get it. You don't take no for an answer most times!
-are so strong-willed and independent which often causes you much frustration!

-when you are happy, you are THE sweetest thing. I can't get enough of you. You love giving and receiving affection and are such a daddy's girl! He's wrapped so tight around your finger but shhhh, we won't tell him that!

Olivia, we love you more than we could ever tell you! Our lives would be incomplete without you. You bring such liveliness to our house and such a prissy priss. We pray you will do great things with your life. We trust God has a great plan for you and we want to help you reach your full potential in the Lord. I hope I raise you to be a woman, wife, and mother after God's own heart. You are so precious to us and we love you more than the whole world!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Very Veggie Party {Part two}

What food is more appropriate for a Veggie Tales party guessed it: veggies! :) Fortunately for our guests, we opted for real burgers instead of veggie burgers. Theo was kind enough to man the grill and grilled burgers and hot dogs. We had a veggie tray with ranch dip (in an orange bell pepper)
spinach appetizers (not homemade!)
I made crockpot beans and we had veggie chips!  But the show stoppers, if I do say so myself, were the cupcakes:
I got the idea from a book I have called, "Hello Cupcake". They are just chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, crushed up oreos for the "dirt", and chewy jolly ranchers and starbursts for the "veggies". How cute are these?!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Veggie Tales Party

{Part one}

This past weekend, we celebrated Carter's 5th and Olivia's 2nd birthday party! Since Carter decided last year to have a Veggie Tales party last year they both love Veggie Tales, we thought this would be the perfect theme for a boy and girl party.

I started perusing blogs over the summer while I was in Louisiana looking for party ideas. I found this one and this one  and ran from there. The jumping off point though was probably these vegetable baskets my mom found on one of our trips to Hobby Lobby in Louisiana:
Did I mention they were on clearance? You can't see them in this picture, but I also got yellow shovels at HL on clearance too. My mom saved the day by bringing packets of vegetable seeds (carrots and cucumbers). I tried 4 stores here last week and they had all sent their seeds back. I was so worried. What good would a shovel do if there were no seeds to plant! But it was all okay. I'm thankful it doesn't get cold down south until January :) I made the tags for the baskets on my scrapbook computer program.

And in addition to the shovels, and seed packets, Theo found some Veggie Tales fruit snacks at the grocery store! Score!!! I also had a large apoethcary jar filled with "veggie mix" (aka skittles with the purples ones picked out) and had each family fill up some bags to take home.

Ok, so next were the party decorations. I kept them really simple and used fresh produce as the cast of characters.

My mom had the idea of dipping pretzel rods into green candy melts and that's how Junior Asparagus came to be:

I also wrapped the forks and spoons in green and red napkins, tied them with twine, and put them in a flower pot.
I bought a set of 12 mason jars for the adults to use and cut out rectangular chalkboard labels and stuck them on the jars. The kids all had plastic cups from Micheals with chalkboard labels too. The only thing about the labels is that they were hard to write on once the jars got wet and our guests kept wiping off their names when they picked up the jars. Will have to find another solution for the next party but I LOVED using mason jars.

Stay tuned for the food and the rest of the party details later this week!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carter is FIVE!!

This is always an extra special day for me. It's the day I became a mom. Theo became a dad. We welcomed our firstborn into the world with widely opened arms. What an exciting day it was. I will never regret not finding out the gender of our baby. It was THE greatest surprise to find out we were having a son....someone to pass down the family name. We never knew how much a heart could love until we saw our little Carter man for the first time.
The past five years have flown by! I can't believe the baby I brought home from the hospital almost five years ago is the same one who just started kindergarten. It makes me want to hold him close and not let go.

Each year, in lieu of a birthday card, I've written Carter (and Olivia and will do for Isaiah too) a letter. I hand write them out but wanted to share for posterity's sake what Carter is doing these days.

At five years old, Carter, you are THE smartest boy I know. You have such a love of learning and have enjoyed school already immensely. You are reading independently and daddy and I are amazed the words you know. Once you see a word, you don't usually forget it. You are writing and drawing all the time but sometimes need help writing your letters the correct way.

You spend hours during the week drawing and coloring. You create things all the time. Just yesterday, you built a cardboard house with a roof, chimney, people inside of it and even drew windows, doors and a doorbell on it! You love playdoh and moon doh and love the cut and glue anything you can get your hands on.

You are now starting to get away from your usual shows on t.v. and have discovered PBS. You love the show Super Why. We got you a super why kit for your birthday that included a mask, cape, and why writer and you've hardly taken that thing off since your party!

Lately, you are really into quantifying things. You are always asking me "How many is sixty?" Will Omaw stay for one hundred seven thirty two years?" You love coming up with the biggest number possible and want me to measure everything!

You love playing outside and are really into having playdates. You ask me every week to have a playdate with at least one or two of your friends. We love that you are so social!

You are such a good big brother (most of the time!) You love on Isaiah every day and tell him as much. You usually are pretty sweet to your sister but when she's acting like a diva, you're not such a huge fan of her :) You are generally a really good kid and are such a huge helper to us.

We love you so much Carter and are so blessed to be your parents! Happy birthday sweet man!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

Saturday we had Carter and Olivia's birthday party! I'll post pictures as soon as I can go through and edit them all (100 plus of them!)

Saturday night was the first LSU football game of the season! In the spirit of a true Southerner that I am, I decked Carter and Olivia out in their LSU gear from grandpa. Olivia loved wearing her little cheerleading outfit and didn't want to take it off when bath time rolled around (despite how uncooperative both of them were for picture time!)

(Oh, and in case you are wondering...a week ago, Olivia was following me outside, tripped over the threshhold of the door, and skidded her face across the concrete. This picture looks MUCH better than it did that day. Poor thing had blood all over her face but I think it made me more upset than it did her!)

Theo and I were able to have a date night (thanks to Omaw being in town and staying home with all three) so we headed downtown to watch the rest of the LSU game and see them kick Oregon's tail!!!! Geaux Tigers!!! Thanks dad so much for making us die hard LSU fans (well, except for Theo of course) and thanks to Omaw for letting Theo and me have a great date night! Can't wait for the rest of the football season. I love the SEC!!!