Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our first USAFA football game!

I'm still running behind with blogging but I did want to tell y'all about our first Air Force Academy football game. It was the weekend of 9/11 and I'm so glad we went that weekend. They did a lot to honor the troops and some of the fallen from that day. This picture was my was part of the half time show:

I will admit, I wasn't sure about going. Theo really wanted to go and it's on my "40 before 40 list" but it was right during naptime and I was all stressed about how the kids would do. Let me tell you, they were PERFECT....almost.
Carter is terrifed of fighter planes ever since we took him to an air show....two and half years ago! So as we were going through the ticket area, they had a flyby with some fighter planes and both he and Olivia were freaking out. I was thinking "Great...what a way to start out this adventure and we haven't even made it to our seats yet." But once everyone calmed down, the game was great. The football playin' not so much :) It's no SEC football for sure! But we had a blast. We left after the third quarter because Carter was tired. Olivia did great and she was the one I was most worried about. Isaiah did great until the crowd started cheering. And since TCU creamed the Air Force, there wasn't too much of that! Ha!

Hope there are many more college football games in our future!

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