Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movin' On Up

At least geographically speaking.....I sent out a mass e-mail a few minutes ago with our new Colorado address. We arrived safely last Wednesday night. The movers were delivering our things about 12 hours later. We have unpacked most of the house but the garage and office are another story! Our neighborhood here is great! Our house is really nice and clean too. Carter loves his new house. Directv came this morning so now we can have tv again and the internet and home phone will be turned on Thursday. Right now, I'm blogging in Starbucks while my mom is satisfying her internet withdrawal with some inernet surfing!

We've only been site seeing one day so far because the rest of the time has been spent unpacking, shopping, and looking for Carter some new bedroom furniture. Tonight Theo and I are going out on a date while Omaw keeps Carter. Tomorrow I have my first new doctor's appointment.

For all of you who have been asking....here are some pictures. And check out that view!! More pictures to come when we have home internet set up.

Looking down our street


Backyard and Carter's new swingset

View from our bedroom

Our site seeing photos

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Going going gone.....

Our life over the past five years was packed up in two days, moved in one and all fit into an 18-wheeler. The movers left Friday afternoon and our house is now virtually empty. I didn't feel very sad as I watched our stuff being packed into LOTS of boxes but when I turned on our street Friday and saw that huge moving truck, I cried. It all kind of hit me. And then yesterday, when my sweet nephew came over to my mom's to play with Carter and me one last time, I really had a meltdown. But after that I was fine. It's been a stressful weekend just trying to get everything wrapped up but we're almost done. This has been a strain on Theo and I and Carter and I but it is only temporary and we'll be settling in by this time next week. Our plan is still to leave Tuesday and be there Wednesday night. Our stuff should be arriving Thursday so that will be nice not to have to stay in our new empty house for long without our things.

My dad came into town this weekend so we got to have one last dinner with him last night. Unfortunately, Carter was not in a social mood not having had a real nap the past two days but we still had a nice dinner. It was probably the last time we all get to hang out together for a while. I took some cute pictures that I will try and post whenever I can.

Oh, I almost forgot...we found someone to rent our house! We are working on a lease but we met the wife on Thursday and they seem like a great Christian couple. This is such an answered prayer for us. We really wanted to have all of this taken care of before we moved. It only took about 5 days to rent our house which makes me feel really good. We're not sure how long they plan on staying in the house because of her husband's work but six months of having renters is better than nothing. And it may work out that they stay longer than that....only time will tell. I'll feel more at ease once the lease is signed but I am trusting God that everything will be fine.

So over the next few days, I will have limited internet access but once we are settled, I promise to give you guys an update and post pictures of our new house! Please pray for us to have safe travels and that our things will arrive quickly and all in one piece :).

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here we go....

So the packers came this morning about an hour ago. I don't know why but this has the been the most stressful part in the most recent weeks. But now that they are here (and are really nice!), I feel better. They aren't actually moving anything today but have started packing up Carter's room, his bathroom, and the hall closet. Our room is next. It was so funny because when they walked by Theo's office, they both said "Oh Lord!" :) I knew that would be the worst part of it. And they didn't even see it a week ago.......we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff before today! I'll be ready for this part to be over and we're on our way. I am physically exhausted and I'm sure my hard-working husband is to although he doesn't readily admit it like I do. Carter and I will probably head out to my mom's house so he can get a good nap. I am going to take a long hot bath in her huge jacuzzi tub and hopefully that will make my back feel better. We've been up since five this morning and I was up at four yesterday and I think Theo only got 2 hours of sleep Monday night. We are ready for some down time. I did get a little teary eyed yesterday thinking about that last night thinking that this was the last night we would probably spend together as a family in this house. But this morning, I was ready to just get our stuff moved out and us be on our way. Ok, so that's enough for now.....just wanted to chronicle all of this for you guys but mostly for me too :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just call me the shredinator

Oh my GOODNESS! I could not believe how much junk mail we had accumlated in Theo's office. I spent literally over two hours this morning just sorting through it all. And that's not counting the time we both spent over the weekend. I have made two trips to the recycling place this morning already. It is CRAZY! That's what we get for not staying on top of it I suppose. But most of it's done now. I just have to shred all of the stuff that has our address or other info on.....which is several hundred pieces of paper. I just want to torch it all personally but I think Theo would prefer to shred it all. But today, instead of wasting my precious "nap time" on the shredder, I am blogging. I need a break from the madness for a little while.

Theo had his work going away lunch today so we got home from that a little while ago. Carter is napping right now but should be up any minute. When Theo gets back home from work, there is a lot more that needs to be done so we'll both hit the ground running. Well I won't be running....more like leisurely strolling. Anyway, just wanted to give you guys an update. More to come but internet will probably be limited once we cut our house phone off. So until next time.....have a great week :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pure Chaos

To say our house looks like a natural disaster came through it would be the understatement of the year. It is pure CHAOS here at our home. Fortunately, my friend, Margo, from work finished painting Carter's room yesterday so all of his stuff is semi back in its rightful place. But I can't say much for the rest of the house. Our garage, laundry room, hallway, den, and all bedrooms are crammed with stuff that doesn't belong. It is a madhouse here. It is driving me a little bonkers but I know it's only temporary.

I really can't wait to get settled in our new house in our lovely new state! I have always wanted to live in Colorado....ever since I was younger and my family took a few camping trips there. It's funny how the Lord worked it out for me. I probably never would have had the opportunity to live there had I not married Theo. Of course all of you who know us are more than welcome to come for a visit just about any time. The only exception is right after baby girl is born because we want to get settled with her first. But after the first few weeks, everyone is welcome! We will finally have a guest room....at least until baby #3 comes along :) Yes, we are already talking about a third baby but obviously won't make any definite plans until baby #2 is here and a few months old!

Two more days until the packers come. I posted a question on facebook for my friends to answer regarding moving and am grateful for all of the advice. I'm so anxious about having too much junk. I don't know how we got to this point. I can't blame Theo for all of it :) because I most certainly have a lot of stuff too. We are both working on purging a lot of stuff this weekend. Praise God we sold some of our furniture and a local charity is coming to pick up what's left on Tuesday! Goodwill wouldn't come until the 25th so I was a little worried about who would come get it. So I prayed about it and when I called the other charity, the lady said "How about Tuesday the 14th betweent 1 and 4:00?" I was like thank you Lord. That was perfect timing. I have a doctor's appointment that morning and then the packers are coming Wednesday at 8:00 so it truly was perfect!

We put a "for rent" sign up yesterday and have already had two calls about the house. I am trusting God to find us renters in a timely manner so this burden will be off of our shoulders. I really am trying to keep stress to a minimum for the baby's sake but it sure has been hard. I know things could always be worse so I'm thankful that so far, everything is working out. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we get ready to close one chapter of our lives and open another!

Friday, July 10, 2009


Our house is finally up for rent. I listed it on a website today and will put a sign out in the yard once Theo gets home. I wish we hadn't waited so late to do it, but there is nothing I can do about it now. We are pursuing other options in terms of a property manager and hopefully our "new" option will work out better. This has definitely been a test in trusting God but I know He will provide exactly what we need in the time we need it.

The packers are coming Wednesday and Thursday. We will spend that Friday-Monday cleaning, finishing up painting, etc. These next 10 days are going to be CRAZY! That's all I can say. And if I wasn't pregnant, I would definitely be drinking a glass of wine :) We will be heading out most likely that Tuesday (the 21st) to be in Colorado by that Thursday. I am ready to be there. I will definitely be sad to go but I really can't wait to get settled in to our new house (well, technically, it's not ours....we're just living there for a little while but you get my drift). Please pray that we will find good renters for our house in a timely manner!

I have a doctor's appointment with my new OB on the 29th and will try and do a hospital tour that day as well if Theo is off. Carter and I went to my friend Tamela's house so Carter could play with her twin boys this past week. While the boys were eating lunch, one of her boys looked up at me and said "Miss Jaime....is your belly getting full?" I couldn't do anything but laugh. It was so cute. I tried to explain to him there was a baby girl in my tummy just like his mommy had when she was pregnant with them. But I think he thought I had just had too much chicken! :)

Speaking of baby girls, my good friend Georgette had her third baby this morning.... a beautiful baby girl. I will admit I teared up when I saw the baby's picture on my cell phone because I wish I could be there to see her in person. They moved back in March and although we talk frequently, it's not the same as living down the street from them. Hopefully once we are settled in Colorado, either they can come for a visit or we can head to the east coast to visit them.

And just because I try not to post without pictures, here is a cute one of C-man.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Feelin Hot Hot Hot!

I don't have any pictures from Carter's first baseball game because the game was on Thursday....not last night :). Oops. Oh well, we went down to the festival plaza to listen to some music but Carter was "fleakin' out" the whole time and screaming so we didn't stay too long. We obviously didn't stay for the fireworks. When we got home, he didn't want to sleep in his room because he could hear the neighborhood folks popping fireworks. So finally after 10 trips up and down the hall to escort him back to bed, at 10:00 p.m. we let him go sleep in our bed.

And then this morning, I woke up at 6:00 and our air conditioning wasn't working. Ughhhh! It was blowing air, just hot air. On a positive note, I went to church this morning and we had a special music guest there and so the praise and worship was AWESOME. If you are looking for some new praise and worship music, google "Ricardo Sanchez" and get a copy of his new CD. I'm going to buy one soon.

We have been lounging around all day and are about to go out to dinner with some friends because there is no way I'm turning on the oven or stove tonight to cook dinner. Our house is a warm 85 degrees right now. If the AC folks don't come tomorrow, I'll be camping out at mom's :) Carter is sans clothes right now because he is so sweaty! It's going to be a steamy night and I don't mean that in a "wink wink" kind of way :)

In other news, I finally ordered a scrapbook desk. When I tell you this is a big deal for me, I mean it's a BIG deal! I've been looking for months for the perfect desk. I loved the pottery barn one but couldn't justify spending that much money....although I came close with this desk from JC Penney's. Yes, I know we are moving but being the genius that I am, when I ordered it, I had them ship it to the JC Penney's closest to our Colorado house and we can pick it up when we get there! If you want to see a picture of it, click here. I'm getting it in white and am only getting the desktop and two filing cabinets because that is all I can afford right now. But eventually, I would love to have the whole shabang! I get my scrapbook room inspiration from Amanda's scrapbook room. I don't have near this much stuff and probably never will but I loved her white desk and have been wanting one ever since I stumbled across this website. I can't wait to get settled in and start scrapbooking again. I probably won't have time until the baby is 12 but that's okay. At least I'll have an amazing desk to stare at in the meantime.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope you are all having fun celebrating our country's independence. What a joy it is to live in this nation. Although it's not perfect, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

We have had a fun-filled weekend so far with more to come tonight. Last night, we met some friends at a local church for a pre-July 4th celebration. It took Carter a little while to warm up but once he got a hot dog in his system, he was playing like crazy. They had bouncy castles inside that he couldn't get enough of.

It was time to leave though when the fireworks started because as we suspected, he was terrified of them. This boy is so funny about sounds......especially loud booming ones. This morning we slept in and then headed to sci-port. This was the first time Theo has gone with us in a long time and I think he enjoyed it more that Carter :)

Tonight we are headed to a minor league baseball game....Carter's first sporting event! We'll stay as long as we can but it is so hot here that I'm not making Theo any promises as to how long I'm willing to endure the heat. I'll try and post pictures of the game tomorrow or early next week.

Tomorrow we'll head to church and then relax for the rest of the day. I loving hanging out with my two favorite fellas!


In other news, my friend from work has been coming over to paint the inside of our house. Right now, the house is an absolute disaster with very few things in their rightful place. The chaos is driving me a little crazy but I guess it's all part of preparing to move. I just wish we had painted years ago because I think it's going to turn out fabulous. We currently have mostly white walls everywhere...boring....and now I'm being a little bold and painting the walls a very light taupe. I know, I'm really getting all crazy with the paint color. The kitchen is painted a darker taupe and isn't too much different from the original color. She is also repainting the trim for us to cover all the mistakes I made when I painted a few years ago. I don't think I'll ever be allowed to paint again but that's okay! I'll stick to scrapbooking and sewing.