Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Movin' On Up

At least geographically speaking.....I sent out a mass e-mail a few minutes ago with our new Colorado address. We arrived safely last Wednesday night. The movers were delivering our things about 12 hours later. We have unpacked most of the house but the garage and office are another story! Our neighborhood here is great! Our house is really nice and clean too. Carter loves his new house. Directv came this morning so now we can have tv again and the internet and home phone will be turned on Thursday. Right now, I'm blogging in Starbucks while my mom is satisfying her internet withdrawal with some inernet surfing!

We've only been site seeing one day so far because the rest of the time has been spent unpacking, shopping, and looking for Carter some new bedroom furniture. Tonight Theo and I are going out on a date while Omaw keeps Carter. Tomorrow I have my first new doctor's appointment.

For all of you who have been asking....here are some pictures. And check out that view!! More pictures to come when we have home internet set up.

Looking down our street


Backyard and Carter's new swingset

View from our bedroom

Our site seeing photos


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place! I bet Carter loves the swing set. Hope all is well. Thanks for keeping us posted. Can't wait to visit you. - Kim

The Shoemakers said...

Wow looks beautiful!

Laney said...

Love the pictures and the update. You are going to love living in Colorado Springs. More pictures please!!!!! Tell Carter I miss him!!