Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here we go....

So the packers came this morning about an hour ago. I don't know why but this has the been the most stressful part in the most recent weeks. But now that they are here (and are really nice!), I feel better. They aren't actually moving anything today but have started packing up Carter's room, his bathroom, and the hall closet. Our room is next. It was so funny because when they walked by Theo's office, they both said "Oh Lord!" :) I knew that would be the worst part of it. And they didn't even see it a week ago.......we've gotten rid of a lot of stuff before today! I'll be ready for this part to be over and we're on our way. I am physically exhausted and I'm sure my hard-working husband is to although he doesn't readily admit it like I do. Carter and I will probably head out to my mom's house so he can get a good nap. I am going to take a long hot bath in her huge jacuzzi tub and hopefully that will make my back feel better. We've been up since five this morning and I was up at four yesterday and I think Theo only got 2 hours of sleep Monday night. We are ready for some down time. I did get a little teary eyed yesterday thinking about that last night thinking that this was the last night we would probably spend together as a family in this house. But this morning, I was ready to just get our stuff moved out and us be on our way. Ok, so that's enough for now.....just wanted to chronicle all of this for you guys but mostly for me too :)

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