Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Party Part Two

The birthday girl:

I have to admit...when I found this dress on etsy back in April, it may have been the catalyst for the birthday party planning :) But the dress was so stinkin cute, I couldn't help myself!!
 Some of the guests:
Sweet Sarabeth enjoying her cupcake
Swimming pool time....I love this hillarious picture of Isaiah wearing Carter's mask. I still don't understand how he can breathe with his nose plugged up and his fingers in his mouth :)
Cupcake and presents time!!
 I had to include this funny picture of myself...who's more excited...Livie or me? Livie looked so proud while everyone sang happy birthday to her. I wish I had videotaped it because I love how cute she looked. Or maybe it was because she was thinking she had one crazy looking momma :)
Olivia checking out her new adoarable shirt our friend Brandi made. And she looked so cute when she wore it this week. Thanks Brandi!!
The funniest moment of the party was when Olivia opened her present from Aunt Laney. Aunt Laney did a great job with Livie's presents (CG giant puzzle and a memory game) but Olivia took the stuff out and exclaimed excitedly "It's bubble wrap!!" :)

Livie mokeying around with Papaw after the party
Our wonderful co-hosts!
Us with our birthday girl!
And my most favorite picture from that day...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Olivia's Curious George Birthday Party!

{Part One}
Last weekend, we celebrated Olivia's third birthday. Her actual birthday isn't until September 12th but this was the first year we wanted to have separate parties for her and Carter.
Anyone who knows Olivia, knows she has an obsession, uh, I mean great love for all things Curious George. She has ever since she was a baby. So what better theme party to have than a CG one! Thank you pinterest for giving me all sorts of adorable party ideas!!
Of course we had to go with a banana theme... serving banana pudding and banana chips :)
Among the banana themed snacks, we also had a veggie/cheese tray with dips, fruit tray, pita chips and hummus but the highlight was the cute monkey cupcakes!

 How cute are these? And so easy to make thanks to Omaw's help :)

 The drinks: monkey juice (aka lemonade) and strawberry crush. I bought all of the paper products from etsy for a steal of a deal!!
The party was simple but turned out very cute. Tomorrow, I'll post the pictures of the birthday girl and her guests :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Theo's (not so surprising) surprise birthday dinner

This past weekend, we spent our weekend in Shreveport. Long story short, I wanted to have a surprise dinner for Theo with some of his closest friends. It ended up not being a surprise after all but we still had an awesome time nonetheless. It was so good to see some friends I haven't seen in three years!! Best part is...we got to out to dinner without our kids! Love having family close by!
It's amazing in this world that we still have these friends after ten years (Theo has known them for longer).

Scott, Theo, and our first time meeting baby Chandler, who was completely adorable and looks just like his daddy!!

Me with Scott's wife, Leah

Theo with his best friend, Darrick, and his wife Sabera. We just love them. They are the cutest newlywed couple!!

Us with our old friends, The Prices. Can't say enough how excited I am to have them close by again!!

Theo, his mentor Aaron and his family

 We had a great time! I was so glad everyone got to come and celebrate Theo. We are so blessed to have these friends, even after all these years. We've all been all over the place and all have come back to Louisiana. Unfortunately, Theo's best friend and his wife and moving to California this week but we've spent more time with them the past six weeks than we have the past six years!  How awesome is that!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day of FIRST grade!!

Last Friday, the 10th, was Carter's first day of first grade! This is his official photo. But the reality of it is, he probably felt more like this:
Sadly, I think I felt that way too.

It was an interesting day. I didn't know quite what to do with myself....until I realized I still had Olivia and Isaiah home with me. Then I snapped myself back into reality. We ended up going to a work picnic for Theo. He's now the detachment commander down here so I guess that makes me the commander's wife. Lord knows I never thought I'd be one of those...but I digress.  I missed having Carter around but will admit, it was nice just having two kids to chase around instead of three.

I picked him up at 3:10 (ok, confession, I thought school was out at 2:50 so let's just say I arrived very early for the carpool line!) He walked out and looked exhausted!! He told me in the car "Mom, I missed you a lot more than I did when I was in kindergarten. I love my teacher, but not as much as I love you) That sweet boy. After school, we went to Marble Slab for ice cream (and a jar of candy he knocked over all over the floor and we ended up having to buy. *sigh*) Carter was so excited about the ice cream.

He's done well his first week of school. I am pleasantly shocked to know his teacher leads them in a prayer before they eat lunch. And also, the local baptist church sent home a flyer for AWANAs. I love it!! Things certainly are different at this school. Some not good, some great. The snack policy is awesome and much less stringent than the we're-worried-we-might-get-sued-if-your-child-has-an-allergic-reaction school he attended last year :)

But then this morning, I was dropping him off, he leaned in the front seat, hugged me and started to cry. He was trying so hard to be a big boy as he's walking to his room but I could see him wiping the tears on his shirt. I don't know what was going on this morning. He says going to school seven hours  a day is too long. And compared to the three hour school he had last year, I'm sure he's right. But he likes school, he's making friends, and fortunately really likes his teacher so I'm not sure what the tears were about this morning but it tore my heart up :( I'm praying he'll be his happy school-loving self when I go to pick him up. He has a sports physical today with our new pediatrician in preparing him to play soccer this fall. Can't wait!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating Theo's birthday

Last week was Theo's birthday. I think the kids were more excited than Theo was :) They just love celebrating anything! In lieu of my usual strawberry cake that three years running ended up a failure in the looks department (of course, I blamed it on the altitude), Theo wanted a cheesecake. That, I can do! I used a different recipe this time from my new Betty Crocker cookbook and it turned out delicious! See?

 We went out to dinner at Verona, which surprisingly, is a great Italian restaraunt here. They even had fried calamari (which I love) and even Isaiah ate it up. We call him the tank. That boy'll eat anything.

 I am trying to make a strong effort to put as much time and energy as making Theo feel special on his birthday, as I do the kids. I love this man and my life with him. I want him to know how great we all think he is and happy he's alive!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

18 months old!

Isaiah turned 18 months old yesterday! Hard to believe it. These past 18 months have been challenging but so incredibly amazing and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. A lot has happened and we are rolling with the punches. The most important milestones for us is that Isaiah after 18 LOOOOONNNNGGG months is finally sleeping through the night! This coincided with his also finally giving up the bottle and our lives are so much more rested now :)

Isaiah, at 18 months old, you:

-eat nonstop. If Cater or Olivia get up and leave their food on the table, you go over and start eating off their plates. There isn't a whole lot you won't eat. You eat a LOT of vegetables (when I cook them). You love squash, green beans, cooked carrots, salad sometimes. sometimes asparagus. You truly eat all the time!

-weight about 24 pounds and have been in 18-24 month clothes for a few months now. You are solid like a linebacker.

-still take one long nap in the afternoon usually. Of course, I'm most excited about not waking up in the middle of the night every night. I had no idea what a good night's sleep felt like until two weeks ago :)

-are getting pretty fiesty (we assume you are taking after your older siblings). Sometimes you walk around with your hand ready to smack something. You walk around something to karate chop. You love saying "Hi-ya!" like the karate kid. It's so funny.

-are talking all the time and have a ton of words you say. You said "book" this morning and learning new words almost daily.

-love playing peek-a-boo and the infamous "I'm not gonna give you kisses" game, which I will blog about at another time.
-are generally pretty happy unless you are hungry or tired. You do have your moments and you are getting easily frustrated when you can't figure something out but overall, you are an easy baby and are so loving. You love giving kisses, hugs and "sweet eyes".

-have almost all of your teeth now. I'll be glad when this stage is over with :)

-are getting into EVERYTHING. You have seriously stepped up your game since moving. You find markers and draw all over the walls (thank the Lord for Mr. Clean magic erasers) You put the t.v. remote in the toilet. You climb on all the furniture and it's not common for me to walk in the kitchen and find you standing in the middle of the table. Oh, the joys of parenthood....

Isaiah, you are the joy of our lives. You are such a sweet little guy and we love you more and more each day. Happy 18 month old birthday Baby I!!