Monday, August 20, 2012

Theo's (not so surprising) surprise birthday dinner

This past weekend, we spent our weekend in Shreveport. Long story short, I wanted to have a surprise dinner for Theo with some of his closest friends. It ended up not being a surprise after all but we still had an awesome time nonetheless. It was so good to see some friends I haven't seen in three years!! Best part is...we got to out to dinner without our kids! Love having family close by!
It's amazing in this world that we still have these friends after ten years (Theo has known them for longer).

Scott, Theo, and our first time meeting baby Chandler, who was completely adorable and looks just like his daddy!!

Me with Scott's wife, Leah

Theo with his best friend, Darrick, and his wife Sabera. We just love them. They are the cutest newlywed couple!!

Us with our old friends, The Prices. Can't say enough how excited I am to have them close by again!!

Theo, his mentor Aaron and his family

 We had a great time! I was so glad everyone got to come and celebrate Theo. We are so blessed to have these friends, even after all these years. We've all been all over the place and all have come back to Louisiana. Unfortunately, Theo's best friend and his wife and moving to California this week but we've spent more time with them the past six weeks than we have the past six years!  How awesome is that!!

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