Monday, August 27, 2012

Olivia's Curious George Birthday Party!

{Part One}
Last weekend, we celebrated Olivia's third birthday. Her actual birthday isn't until September 12th but this was the first year we wanted to have separate parties for her and Carter.
Anyone who knows Olivia, knows she has an obsession, uh, I mean great love for all things Curious George. She has ever since she was a baby. So what better theme party to have than a CG one! Thank you pinterest for giving me all sorts of adorable party ideas!!
Of course we had to go with a banana theme... serving banana pudding and banana chips :)
Among the banana themed snacks, we also had a veggie/cheese tray with dips, fruit tray, pita chips and hummus but the highlight was the cute monkey cupcakes!

 How cute are these? And so easy to make thanks to Omaw's help :)

 The drinks: monkey juice (aka lemonade) and strawberry crush. I bought all of the paper products from etsy for a steal of a deal!!
The party was simple but turned out very cute. Tomorrow, I'll post the pictures of the birthday girl and her guests :)

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