Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating Theo's birthday

Last week was Theo's birthday. I think the kids were more excited than Theo was :) They just love celebrating anything! In lieu of my usual strawberry cake that three years running ended up a failure in the looks department (of course, I blamed it on the altitude), Theo wanted a cheesecake. That, I can do! I used a different recipe this time from my new Betty Crocker cookbook and it turned out delicious! See?

 We went out to dinner at Verona, which surprisingly, is a great Italian restaraunt here. They even had fried calamari (which I love) and even Isaiah ate it up. We call him the tank. That boy'll eat anything.

 I am trying to make a strong effort to put as much time and energy as making Theo feel special on his birthday, as I do the kids. I love this man and my life with him. I want him to know how great we all think he is and happy he's alive!!

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