Thursday, August 16, 2012

First day of FIRST grade!!

Last Friday, the 10th, was Carter's first day of first grade! This is his official photo. But the reality of it is, he probably felt more like this:
Sadly, I think I felt that way too.

It was an interesting day. I didn't know quite what to do with myself....until I realized I still had Olivia and Isaiah home with me. Then I snapped myself back into reality. We ended up going to a work picnic for Theo. He's now the detachment commander down here so I guess that makes me the commander's wife. Lord knows I never thought I'd be one of those...but I digress.  I missed having Carter around but will admit, it was nice just having two kids to chase around instead of three.

I picked him up at 3:10 (ok, confession, I thought school was out at 2:50 so let's just say I arrived very early for the carpool line!) He walked out and looked exhausted!! He told me in the car "Mom, I missed you a lot more than I did when I was in kindergarten. I love my teacher, but not as much as I love you) That sweet boy. After school, we went to Marble Slab for ice cream (and a jar of candy he knocked over all over the floor and we ended up having to buy. *sigh*) Carter was so excited about the ice cream.

He's done well his first week of school. I am pleasantly shocked to know his teacher leads them in a prayer before they eat lunch. And also, the local baptist church sent home a flyer for AWANAs. I love it!! Things certainly are different at this school. Some not good, some great. The snack policy is awesome and much less stringent than the we're-worried-we-might-get-sued-if-your-child-has-an-allergic-reaction school he attended last year :)

But then this morning, I was dropping him off, he leaned in the front seat, hugged me and started to cry. He was trying so hard to be a big boy as he's walking to his room but I could see him wiping the tears on his shirt. I don't know what was going on this morning. He says going to school seven hours  a day is too long. And compared to the three hour school he had last year, I'm sure he's right. But he likes school, he's making friends, and fortunately really likes his teacher so I'm not sure what the tears were about this morning but it tore my heart up :( I'm praying he'll be his happy school-loving self when I go to pick him up. He has a sports physical today with our new pediatrician in preparing him to play soccer this fall. Can't wait!

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