Friday, July 10, 2009


Our house is finally up for rent. I listed it on a website today and will put a sign out in the yard once Theo gets home. I wish we hadn't waited so late to do it, but there is nothing I can do about it now. We are pursuing other options in terms of a property manager and hopefully our "new" option will work out better. This has definitely been a test in trusting God but I know He will provide exactly what we need in the time we need it.

The packers are coming Wednesday and Thursday. We will spend that Friday-Monday cleaning, finishing up painting, etc. These next 10 days are going to be CRAZY! That's all I can say. And if I wasn't pregnant, I would definitely be drinking a glass of wine :) We will be heading out most likely that Tuesday (the 21st) to be in Colorado by that Thursday. I am ready to be there. I will definitely be sad to go but I really can't wait to get settled in to our new house (well, technically, it's not ours....we're just living there for a little while but you get my drift). Please pray that we will find good renters for our house in a timely manner!

I have a doctor's appointment with my new OB on the 29th and will try and do a hospital tour that day as well if Theo is off. Carter and I went to my friend Tamela's house so Carter could play with her twin boys this past week. While the boys were eating lunch, one of her boys looked up at me and said "Miss your belly getting full?" I couldn't do anything but laugh. It was so cute. I tried to explain to him there was a baby girl in my tummy just like his mommy had when she was pregnant with them. But I think he thought I had just had too much chicken! :)

Speaking of baby girls, my good friend Georgette had her third baby this morning.... a beautiful baby girl. I will admit I teared up when I saw the baby's picture on my cell phone because I wish I could be there to see her in person. They moved back in March and although we talk frequently, it's not the same as living down the street from them. Hopefully once we are settled in Colorado, either they can come for a visit or we can head to the east coast to visit them.

And just because I try not to post without pictures, here is a cute one of C-man.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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