Saturday, August 1, 2009

Date Night

It has been sooooo nice having my mom here the past several days. She watched Carter Tuesday night so Theo and I could have a long awaited date night. We figured those would be few and far between with little sister soon on her way. We had a nice time once I got over the frustration of our GPS taking us a crazy way to the restaurant. Here are some pictures from our night.....any guesses as to where we went? We have only been there once before (he and I) and that was last summer with Carter in tow......this is NOT a place to take a toddler, let me assure you of that. So our date night was much better without having to tell Carter constantly not to touch the hot plates/pot.

Yesterday we went to Old Colorado City but it started storming shortly after we arrived so we headed back home.

Today, we're not sure what is on the agenda. Probably more sight-seeing. Carter has been throwing up the past few days off and on so we are kind of at his mercy. He seems fine and happy now so we'll head out and see how he does.

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