Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rock Climbing

Now don't get too excited...the title of this post is a little misleading. No, I have not suddenly been instilled with an adventurous streak since moving to the moutains. But Carter's swingset does have this cool "rock" wall that he has mastered climbing up all by himself. Saturday we broke out the frog swimming pool and let him have free reign of the backyard. Theo worked more on cleaning out the garage and I honestly can't remember what all I did....probably lounge on the couch.

Sunday we went back to mass and they did in fact have the picnic that day. And let me tell you how awesome God is. I have been trying to figure out a way to get in touch with a pediatrician I worked with at LSU who recently moved to Colorado to join a practice here. I looked for her on facebook, tried calling, and was getting anxious that I had not found a pediatrician for my kids (wow, I'm still getting used to kids instead of kid!) And who of all people were sitting in front of us at the church picnic......Dr. B! I couldn't believe it (well, actually I could because God is so awesome like that). So we chatted, she gave me her numbers and told me where her practice is which is really close to our house! I'm so thrilled. God truly does supply all my needs. Oh, and while at the picnic, I got horribly sunburned! I thought because it was cool and I was wearing a jacket that I wouldn't get burned....WRONG. This mountain weather is so funny like that. Now I look like I have been snow skiing and my face is all chapped. One knee is burned I guess from where my legs were crossed and my feet are burned were my sandal straps weren't covering. I'm telling you...I'm quite a sight!

Yesterday, Carter and I had a great day hanging out around the house. He enjoyed doing this

I know I have mentioned this before, but there is a direct correlatioin between how he behaves and the amount of time I truly spend with him. We spend all of his waking moments together but so often I am preoccupied with various things like laundry, blogging, paying bills, cleaning, cooking, etc that I'm not really spending time interacting with him. I am making a point to stay off the computer more when he is awake and making playtime a priority early in the day. I find that if I play with him early, he will entertain himself later and I can get the necessary housework done. I have gotten so absorbed in surfing the web and people's blogs that it takes so much time away from him. While he took a two hour nap yesterday, I didn't get on the computer hardly at all other than to google how to make a drawstring bag. I read, I scrapbooked, I sewed....I felt more productive than I have in a while. I hate feeling like I have wasted several hours a week reading blogs. Not that I don't enjoy it....I just get too wrapped up in it. I spend more time reading about other people's lives than focusing on my own. Of course I will always read me friends' and family's blogs and a couple of other faves, but that is going to be the extent of it. Besides, my "free" time will be extremely limited after a couple of weeks :)

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box for now. I'm going to get ready for Olivia's ultrasound today. I can't wait to see her smooshed little face in there. I really can't wait to see her for real and bring her home. I'll post ultrasound stuff on my other blog when I get home. Hope you all have a great week.


carol said...

Thanks for the post. I look forward to hearing about your days and it always makes my day when I can read about yours. I love and miss you. See you in less than 3 weeks!!!

Crazy Family said...

He is sooo cute climbing the "rock" wall!