Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Party Preview

Carter's 3rd birthday party is this weekend. We are keeping it simple and having it at the playground down the street from us. I'm not sure who all will come but Aunt Meredith and her two boys will be there so Carter will be happy! Anyone who knows Carter knows he absolutely loves Diego and has for a long time. So of course, he is having a Diego party. I ordered a Diego cake from a grocery store that should be pretty cute (not as cute as the cakes Omaw makes though!). I racked up on Diego party favors from the Dollar Tree. I also had a lot of extra Diego fabric my mom bought that we made pajama bottoms out of. She gave me the idea to make drawstring bags with the fabric for his party favors. Here is the end result:

I'm so excited! I am loving that I am learning how to sew! There are endless possibilities.

I got these cute little straw purses for the girls if any come from the Dollar Tree too. I LOVE Dollar Tree!

Today we had a good day! Yesterday we didn't leave the house because I felt so blah. But today after getting out and about (and shopping at Target!) my mood was instantly better. We were planning on going to Pump It Up which is an indoor bouncy castle place. I drove to the address listed in the address and there was no bouncy place. I went home, looked up the phone number and it was disconnected! I originally got the info off of their website, which obviously hasn't been updated. So we were both bummed. But I promised Carter we would go to "circle store" and eat lunch at "chicken store" (Chick-fil-a) and all was well in his world again. This afternoon, we went to the playground. It was fun but chilly! I can't get over this cold weather in August!

Tomorrow we are heading back to the my doctor and Theo is working tomorrow evening shift. I don't know what else we'll do the rest of the week but we are looking forward to Carter's birthday party. He is excited too! See?


ruslinga said...

I love the party favors!

carol said...

The bags turned out great! I'm happy that you are enjoying sewing!

Crazy Family said...

I can't wait!

Laney said...

I wish I could be at the party! The little bags are so cute. You did a good job!

The Shoemakers said...

Aww we are so sad we cant be there but Leslie wants to call carter on his birthday and sing to him. I told her she might be singing Happy Birthday to Olivia too! :)