Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

This has been a good weekend.....much better than how my week started off! Friday we headed up to Theo's new work and had a picnic. It was cool outside but I still managed to get a sunburn. Carter even had a little pink on his cheeks too. I met Theo's boss, his wife, and several other people he is working with. They were all really nice. Friday night, we went to Rumbi grill, which is a tropical/Caribbean type of restaurant. It was yummy and we had great conversation. Carter was well behaved and let Theo and I sit there and talk for an hour.

Saturday, we stayed in literally all day despite the beautiful weather just trying to get our house more in order. Theo put my piano back together for me, moved some furniture, took boxes to the basement and a whole lot of other "honey-do list" tasks. While I organized my scrapbook desk, Theo and Carter played Guitar Hero! It's the first time I've seen Theo play it while at home. I'm glad he was able to have some fun.

After we put Carter to bed, we attempted to watch a tivo'ed movie called Fingerprints. I fell asleep before it was over. I don't know if anyone has seen it but it was kinda corny.

Today we are headed to mass and the Catholic church up the street. The picnic we thought was today is actually next week. I will start looking for a church soon too as I still plan on going to a nondenominational church. There are so many here and I don't know where to start looking. So for today, I'm going to mass with my family.

This afternoon, Carter played outside for over an hour on his swingset, Theo mowed the grass so we don't get a nastygram from the Homeowner's Association, and I went shopping! I also ordered Carter's bedroom furniture finally! This is what we decided on (and by we, I mostly mean me)

As for the rest of the week.....Tuesday, Carter and I are planning on heading to Denver to visit Aunt Meredith and her boys. I have another doctor's appointment Wednesday morning. Hopefully next weekend we can have a babysitter and maybe actually go see a movie! Gasp! We see about two movies a year in the theater and that's if we're lucky. One of Theo's coworkers teenage daughters I met Friday offered to babysit for us. Yea! So we'll see. That's your weekend review! Stay tuned for more.


Templin Family said...

Your boys are so cute... can't wait to see the two of you (okay, three of you) tomorrow. (I bought peanut butter M&M's for the baby...FOR THE BABY!) ;)

carol said...

I really like the furniture you are getting for Carter!