Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today was Carter's third birthday party...even though his actual birthday isn't until September 7th. But I'm sure you can guess why we decided to have it early :) We decided to have it at the playground in our neighborhood and it was perfect. We are so blessed to have made some friends in the neighborhood in such a short time. Theo's boss and his wife and two daughters also came. Aunt Meredith, her boys, and her friends Chris and Carin and their children came too. We had a great turn out and I think the kids loved playing together. I had been so worried that Carter wouldn't have time to make friends before his party but he did and I was so happy! I have picutures of all of the guests but need to ask their permission before I put their pics on the blog. So for now, this is what you can see from the party.

Even though I insisted his new friends didn't have to bring him any birthday presents, they did and he was so excited.

God has been so good to us. The weather was great and now as I'm at home typing this it is about to storm so the timing was perfect.

Post party:

Daddy put together this:

Carter did a little of this:

I ate more of this:

I'm so glad Olivia decided to hold off being born until after the birthday party! This will be the last time Carter has a birthday that is all his own. :)


carol said...

Great pictures! Almost feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing them. And Theo is smiling!!!!

Crazy Family said...

Such a fun party... you did a great job!