Friday, August 14, 2009

Mountain Zoo

Carter and I headed up to (and I do mean up since it's in the mountains) zoo today with some friends from our neighborhood. These women are so nice and Carter loved hanging out with their kids. Unfortunately, it was raining when we got there so I opted to leave my camera in the car. My friend Christine gave us a free admission ticket to the zoo so it only cost us a quarter to get in! Sweet! I think we'll probably end up getting a zoo pass. It's $70 a year and pays for itself rather quickly. We were there for four hours. Carter had a great time but I was tired after chasing him. Next time I'll for sure have my camera.

Last night, Theo and I got a babysitter (a teenage daughter of one of his co-workers) and we went to see the GI Joe movie.

I figured I owed him that since I didn't get him a birthday present. :) It was a pretty good movie. I'm not sure if baby girl would agree. I don't think she appreciated the volume of the movie...she squirmed and kicked almost the entire movie. That will probably be the last date we get to go out on for a while. I have a hard time leaving a breastfeeding baby at home with a sitter. We hadn't been to see a movie in the theater though since last November! Ticket prices are much more here than in Lousiana. But it was worth it. Our date nights just got a lot more expensive though now that we don't have Uncle Dave next door to babysit for free!!

I'm not sure what we are doing tomorrow. The church picnic is this Sunday...or so we think. I'm feeling so tired right now that I won't probably be up for too much activity tomorrow. We'll see. I hate to stay cooped up in the house all day tomorrow but my body may disagree.

In other news, Carter's dresser came yesterday. I'm still waiting on the nightstand and his bed will be here in over a month :(


carol said...

What kind of cool animals did you see today? Do you like the finish on the dresser? Can't wait to see it and see you!!!!

Lane said...

Sounds like you're getting settled in and making friends. I'm really happy for all of you. Miss you a bunch!!!