Friday, August 7, 2009

To the Birthday Boys

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and to my brother Jackson! I won't tell you how old Theo is today but he is ahem, 30 something! I still haven't gotten him anything because he wants a new digital camera but hasn't picked one out yet. So for now, he'll get a birthday card and cake. I attempted to make him a cake yesterday for the work picnic we are having today but the top layer broke into about 5 pieces and the bottom layer would not frost without big clumps of cake breaking off. So I gave up and will head to Albertsons this morning to buy one. I am no Martha Stewart. I can make a great tasting cake but they are hardly ever pretty! Anyway, not much else planned in terms of birthdays. I will meet a potential babysitter at the picnic today so if she's not busy this weekend, I may see if she'll keep Carter tomorrow and I can take Theo out to dinner. Happy Birthday Theo and Jackson!

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