Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Veggie Tales Party

{Part one}

This past weekend, we celebrated Carter's 5th and Olivia's 2nd birthday party! Since Carter decided last year to have a Veggie Tales party last year they both love Veggie Tales, we thought this would be the perfect theme for a boy and girl party.

I started perusing blogs over the summer while I was in Louisiana looking for party ideas. I found this one and this one  and ran from there. The jumping off point though was probably these vegetable baskets my mom found on one of our trips to Hobby Lobby in Louisiana:
Did I mention they were on clearance? You can't see them in this picture, but I also got yellow shovels at HL on clearance too. My mom saved the day by bringing packets of vegetable seeds (carrots and cucumbers). I tried 4 stores here last week and they had all sent their seeds back. I was so worried. What good would a shovel do if there were no seeds to plant! But it was all okay. I'm thankful it doesn't get cold down south until January :) I made the tags for the baskets on my scrapbook computer program.

And in addition to the shovels, and seed packets, Theo found some Veggie Tales fruit snacks at the grocery store! Score!!! I also had a large apoethcary jar filled with "veggie mix" (aka skittles with the purples ones picked out) and had each family fill up some bags to take home.

Ok, so next were the party decorations. I kept them really simple and used fresh produce as the cast of characters.

My mom had the idea of dipping pretzel rods into green candy melts and that's how Junior Asparagus came to be:

I also wrapped the forks and spoons in green and red napkins, tied them with twine, and put them in a flower pot.
I bought a set of 12 mason jars for the adults to use and cut out rectangular chalkboard labels and stuck them on the jars. The kids all had plastic cups from Micheals with chalkboard labels too. The only thing about the labels is that they were hard to write on once the jars got wet and our guests kept wiping off their names when they picked up the jars. Will have to find another solution for the next party but I LOVED using mason jars.

Stay tuned for the food and the rest of the party details later this week!


Brandi and Adam Hart said...

I love it! This is such a cute party idea, Jaime! Great job!

ruslinga said...

What a great party idea, very creative! I'm sure they loved it!