Friday, November 14, 2008

How much is too much?

As most of you all know, I am an expert in pediatric development because of my job as a pediatric nurse practitioner (just kidding!). No, I'm not an expert but I do know what the American Academy of Pediatrics says and I know what is actual reality in our house so I thought I would conduct a poll. The question: How much tv do your young kids watch on a typical day? I have been talking to Theo about this off and on for months now. The AAP recommends less than 2 hours of tv a day. We do pretty good with this during the week. That's mainly because Carter spends about 4 hours awake at home and the rest of the time, he's at Michele's house. But on the weekends, I hate to admit that I often use the tv, particularly Diego and the Wonder Pets, as a babysitter so I can get stuff done around the house. I would prefer he only watched one hour of tv a day on the weekends but that hasn't worked so far for us. Our new unwritten agreement for weekday tv is that the tv stays off when we get home until 30 minutes before bed and then he can watch one show. So far so good. The weekends, however, anything goes. So, I'm curious. Those of you who have young children (kindergarten or younger), how much tv do your kids watch? This is no way to be judgmental or persuade you to not let your kids watch tv. I'm mostly curious as to what goes on in other households where toddlers reign. If you don't mind, cast your vote and see what the results are. I'll leave the "polls open" for a few weeks. Thanks everyone!

*On a side note, tv must be somewhat advantageous because after months of Diego/Dora watching, Carter can now count to ten in Spanish! And the coolest part is, no one taught him that.....unless you count Diego as a teacher!


Templin Family said...

Hey girlie! We look at our kids. J.T. loves to have movies on, but he plays them out. For example, if we are watching Cars, he has all of his cars out and they race, talk, act out the movie... if he was just staring aimlessly then I don't think we would allow it. But he is so busy, least of all with the TV. That being said, the TV is on a lot at our house, but I don't feel bad at all!!! Maybe I should...?

Darlene said...

Jaime you are way to smart to figure this simple thing out! As long as children are loved unconditionally, disciplined, taught, trained in the way they should go, shown forgiveness, and given security then you will have a well rounded child. As long as you choose what is appropriate to watch then any amount that keeps them occupied for awhile is not too much. So I know that Carter has all these things and much more, because I know you! So hey, turn on the tube and have a juice box with Carter!