Saturday, February 11, 2012

Isaiah's first birthday party

We celebrated Isaiah's first birthday over a month ago. We had to have his little party early since Theo was going to be gone on his actual birthday. Since we had the party two weeks after Christmas, we asked our friends not to bring presents but instead bring any books from home that their kids wouldn't mind parting with. As always, our friends were more than generous.

We really wanted to keep the party low key. I had decided on an airplane theme several months ago and found some good ideas on pinterest of course! I liked the idea of having airplane type food so we had sandwiches.  Well, at least they used to serve sandwiches on the plane. Now you're lucky to get a soda but I digress :)

We, as usual, also had a veggie tray with spinach dip and a cheese and cracker tray. I made strawberry, blueberry and marshmallow fruit skewers to go with the color theme of the party. I also made the little tags and cupcake toppers from my scrapbooking program.

And the cupcakes (my first time making homemade frosting!)

The good thing about having an airplane party was since the boys room is decorated in airplanes, I already had the party decor :) I just brought their vintage airplanes down, used the airplane fabric I already had and put it over the cheap tablecloth.

One of my favorite things was the photo board I did. It had his official onsie picture for each month and then I put them on his memory board and made an "Isaiah" banner using my cricut. I loved being able to see how our little guy grew and changed each month.

Isaiah and his first cupcake

I love this picture and how excited he looks about his new books!

For party favors, I got ready to paint wooden airplanes and had the kids draw on them with markers (instead of paint!) and then I got some little inexpensive planes to assemble from Michaels. The cheapest party favors evah!!!

Still can't believe our baby boy is 1!! Now if he would only sleep through the night :)

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