Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowed in

This past weekend was dreadful! It was 11 degrees outside and snowing like crazy. And anyone knows me, knows I do not drive in the snow, or take my kids out in it, unless I have to. We were getting a little cabin fever Sunday. So I broke out two of my favorite books and got to work. And so did my little helper, Carter.

We picked out a few activites to do. For the craft, we made a clown (he wasn't finished in this picture. He ended up having a hat, ribbon hair, and a balloon nose)
But the hit for the day was dying ice cubes with food color (add one drop of food color to the water in each cube and freeze for a few hours). Then at bath time, I let them dump the ice cubes in the tub. When they melted, they turned the water all kinds of cool colors.
On a different note, this little princess has been sick for a long time. I don't have the emotional energy to go into it right now but she has pneumonia that has so far not gotten any better and may end up having to have a procedure done at Children's Hospital in Denver. I'm waiting on an appointment with a pulmonologist hopefully this week while mom's in town to help me. Her doctor is hoping the antibiotics and steroids will help her but if she doesn't get better, than we have to have a new plan of care. Please just pray for her healing.

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Brandi and Adam Hart said...

So sad to hear that Olivia is so sick! I'll be praying for her this week!