Monday, February 9, 2009

No longer confined

We will mark this day down in our memories of parenthood. Yesterday, I was trying to get Carter down for a nap. I usually let him fall asleep on the couch but he was not having that yesterday. He only wanted to play. So after battling with him for twenty minutes, I finally decided to put him in his crib and was determined to let him cry it out until he fell asleep. About five minutes went by and he was laughing and playing in his crib. Then Theo said, "You know any minute we're going to see him running in here". Well up until that point, Carter had not figured out how to crawl out of his crib. But no sooner had Theo spoken those words than Carter came running out into the living room and was laughing hysterically. We were in shock but then we started laughing too. We thought it was so funny that we made Carter get back in his crib so we could actually see how he managed to escape from his crib. Of course, I had to get pictures to prove it :)

This is how to crawl out of your crib:

First: look around to make sure mom and dad aren't coming

Next, use your pillow to stand on and throw your legs over the side of the bed

And that is how it's done ladies and gentlemen. Now mommy and daddy's lives will never be the same :)


carol said...

The difference between being young and being old is....when you're young you want to spend less time in bed and when you're old you can hardly wait until the sun goes down to get in it! He is a precious cutie!

Templin Family said...

Way to go Carterman... you make me soooo proud!

Anonymous said...

Can I say I'm proud of him? I know it's hard putting you little one in a big kid bed, but what a big boy he is! Love your idea of taking pictures of him escaping. - Kim