Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big baby announcement, Colorado and more

Hi all! I know it's been several days since I blogged anything but Carter and I just got back from our fabulous trip to Colorado to visit my very best friend Meredith. We had a great time! Carter got off to a rough start leaving the Longview airport and screamed/wailed/threw tantrums for about 20 minutes straight and then he was fine. We were so excited to see Meredith and her family. Carter played well with her two boys with only the occasional "That's MY toy" from Carter. While we were up there, it snowed like crazy! I couldn't get over it. Once Carter got used to the snow blowing in his face, he ran out into it and even threw a few snowballs.....at me of course! I will post pictures later as soon as I dig my camera out of the bag. We had a great time. Thanks Meredith for everything (especially the Diego snacks of which Carter literally ate 8 packages yesterday!). We love you and will see you soon!!!

In other news, check out my pregnancy blog for exciting news about our baby. We had our ultrasound last week and I'm thrilled to let you guys know the outcome of that!

There is some other exciting news in the works but we aren't sharing it yet until we are a little more certain of things. But stay tuned.....this is a great time for our family right now. God is sooooo goood!

Pictures to come.....

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