Thursday, April 30, 2009

So Peaceful

I love Carter's naptimes. And not only because I get a little time to myself. But I also love the moments right before he falls asleep. For the past few months, he has taken his nap in our bed everyday. I'm fine with that. I think he prefers our room because it's darker and our bed is bigger and more comfortable. So 99% of days, I lay down with him for a few minutes until he falls asleep (it helps speed up the process, otherwise he's jumping around, getting out of bed, laughing, you get the idea). He ends up cuddling right up next to me and today said "Mommy, pat me" which means rub my back. I was happy to oblige and within a minute, he was fast asleep. Oh, my precious boy, you are growing up too fast.


carol said...
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carol said...

Nothing more precous than a sleeping child :)