Monday, June 7, 2010

Bowling and 300th post!

Wow, this is my 300th post! Man, I must have had a lot to say over the past couple of years :)

Sunday, Theo and I took the kids bowling. We even brought along Carter's friend, and our neighbor, Caden! It was soooo much fun. Olivia didn't have the best time but that is par for the course these days. She did fine as long as I was holding her. But she has been so cranky and clingy lately. But alas, this too shall pass.

I must say I have a spectacular husband! He is so good with our kids and other people's kids. He helped the boys "bowl" and I didn't too much better than they did :) Theo and I hadn't been bowling since we had kids. I was always afraid to take Carter for fear he would run down the lanes. But Carter and Caden were very well behaved. They did chase each other around but in an area that was completely appropriate. We will definitely have to go back. Carter woke up this morning and asked "Can we go bowling again today?".

The only group picture I could get (I should have had the guy take another one!)

The grown-ups bowling:

I never realized I looked like a chicken when I bowled!

The kids "bowling" with some help

Instead, we went to swim lessons again. Hopefully, he'll eventually get the hang of it. He's so terrifed of having to put his face in the water that is apprehensive of the swim lessons. I'm hoping when we go to Louisiana and I can get in the pool with him, that I can break him of that fear. We'll see.

This past week has been pretty rough in the parenthood department. Carter has been in a mood and everything has been a fight. We are going to try some new discipline techniques. He can be so sweet when he wants to be and so rotten at other times. And for Miss Olivia, she had her first bottle/cup of formula yesterday. I am ready to be done nursing. I am ready not to be tied down to her with no relief every single hour of the day. So I gave her a cup of formula. It took her awhile to get used to it but eventually she was drinking it. She has only had a total of 3 ounces so far. I don't think I can just cold turkey stop nursing. I don't think she'll go for that. But slowly, I am starting to wean her. I'm hoping she'll get the hang of the cup thing soon. Otherwise, it'll take me longer to feed her with a cup than it does to nurse!

As for the rest of this week, Carter has swim lessons Monday through Thursday for the next two weeks. Theo is working the night shift Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Next weekend, I'm hoping we can go up to Denver.

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