Monday, June 14, 2010

Nine months old

Olivia is already nine months old! (Technically, she was nine months old Saturday but I haven't been on the computer much lately to blog!)It's hard to believe that she is as old as the number of months I carried her inside of me. These have been some of the best 9 months of my life. She brings so much light and life and joy into our house. She is such a blessing. At nine months she:

-is finally taking a bottle really well and is getting mostly formula these days.

-is still nursing twice a day but I think prefers the bottle now :)

-is still not sleeping through the night despite her formula feeds. I let her cry it out for a good 30-45 minutes every night and she still won't fall back asleep. But as soon as I give her a bottle, she conks out. Sigh.

-can get up on all fours but is not crawling yet. And that makes me thrilled!!! :) I know my days of being able to lay on the couch and read a book for a few minutes will be over once she's mobile :)

-takes one to two naps depending on what time she wakes up

-is eating 3-4 jars of baby food a day and some table food. So far, she's had (tablefood wise) potato, banana, blueberry muffin, turkey sausage (which she LOVED!), cheese sticks, mango, peach, puffs, grapes, and a few other things I can't recall this early in the morning!

-finally let other people hold her over the past week without screaming. I'm hoping this means she is going to turn the corner with all this separation/stranger anxiety.

-is still saying momma, dada, "Oh" and can recognize all of us plus Carter

-still only has her two bottom teeth but I'm expecting more to pop up any minute

-still adores her brother and thinks he is the most entertaining person on the face of the earth

-went in the swimming pool for the first time this past weekend and she loved it. She was just a kicking and splashing. I'm hoping she won't be afraid of the water!

-is getting ready to make her first two day car trip very soon. Please pray for all of us!

-is the most beautiful and precious baby in the whole world but I'm biased!

Happy nine month birthday Livie! We love you more and more every single day!


The Shoemakers said...

She is very photogenic! Love the pictures :) So excited to see yall!!

Carol said...

Time flies doesn't it? She is so cute. I can hardly wait to see her in person. I guess her onsie didn't make it in time...huh? Hopefully it will get there today.
I love you!