Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall decorations and snow!

Yesterday, we got several inches of snow! The first official snow was October 8th but it was really more of a dusting. Yesterday, the snow came and only this afternoon has it started to melt. 

I am starting to love the fall more and more now that I actually get to experience all four seasons.
The cold snowy weather makes me want to light the fireplace, curl under the blanket and drink a glass of hot chocolate while reading my current library book :)
I also love decorating our house for fall. There aren't really any "summer" decorations I like. I'm not into the whole beach/nautical/tropical theme. And I can't think of any other summer decor themes. So when fall rolls around, I like to spruce up our home with little touches here and there.

I love my Hobby Lobby apothecary jars! I wish I could find cuter ways to fill them up. The one in the kitchen is so large that to fill it up with any kind of candy would require I'm sure no less than 15 bags!
This year, the garland that I normally hang outside had to be relocated inside. It's just way too windy and no amount of thumb tacks, duct tape, you name it would hold those suckers up outside! So this is where I put it instead:
And look who's all bundled up and ready for the snow?

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