Saturday, October 15, 2011

Third Annual Trip to the Happy Apple Farm

This morning, we drove South to Penrose and had our annual family pumpkin picking day. I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen because as we were stopped to get gas, a man came up to Theo and told him there was something leaking out of the bottom of the car and we're pretty sure it was gas. So we had to change our plans up but we made it out there.

This place is one of my favorite things about fall. It's so much fun and the kids (and the adults too!) love it. I'm glad we've gotten to make this an annual tradition.

Once again, Omaw provided the youngest two with adorable fall outfits! Thanks mom, everyone at the pumpkin patch was commenting on how cute Olivia's dress was :)

We didn't do any berry picking this year but we did find a lot of good pumpkins.

Including these three adorable little pumpkins

Annual tractor ride

Isaiah was happy with his debut trip to the pumpkin patch

Do you notice a pattern here? We can't get those fingers out of his mouth :)
One of my favorite pictures from the day

Family photos

Happy Fall Y'all!

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