Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Spotlight on Olivia

This blue-eyed blonde-haired daughter of ours is growing and changing everyday. Her vocabulary has just exploded and now like her older brother, she talks NONSTOP!! She is saying all kinds of sentences and definitely speaks her mind. If she wants me to do something and I'm feeding Isaiah, she'll say "Baby, all gone, no more, move!" It cracks me up how assertive she is.
With all of this assertiveness comes many battles of the will. Honestly, I'm not sure who's winning at this point. She is a handful most of the time and when she's uhappy, she's REALLY unhappy, yelling, all snot-faced, throwing things, you name it. She is Miss Independent.
When I tell her she can't have something, she'll say in her sweetest little souther belle voice "Uh huh, momma, mine" and then give me a smile that almost makes me want to cave into her. When she's happy, she's soooo happy. She loves to listen to music, dance around the house, play with her brothers.
She's starting to recognize some letters (O, I, B, E) and can say the alphabet repeating after me. She knows some colors (blue "boo", yellow "hello", red "wed", green "deem") She does the cutest things sometimes. If a toy isn't working she'll say "daddy batees" (aka daddy batteries) because she knows daddy is the replaces of all batteries :) She loves going around saying my momma, my daddy, my bubba, and is now finally saying Isaiah, which sounds like I-day-ya. She LOVES the veggietales and often asks for more bob, larry and junior.

Our favorite thing to do these days, is crank up the music and dance to the song "Hold Me" by Jamie Grace. She is happiest when I'm swinging her around the living room. She loves to praise Jesus! So glad for that :) We love this precious girl of ours, tantrums and all. I know she'll be a strong-willed woman and I hope she'll use it for the glory of God....someday!

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The Shoemakers said...

I think her and Leslie have a lot in common. Definitely middle children!