Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cave of the Winds

New Years Eve Day, we got up early (or early for us) and had planned on going hiking at Garden of the gods. It was supposed to be warm and a nice day. Uh, not! When we walked outside, it was freezing and the wind was literally blowing 50-60 miles an hour. So what did we do instead? We went to cave of the winds.

I had been there before when I was a kid and it's been on my Colorado Springs "bucket list" for quite some time.  However, I almost botched the whole thing. Olivia had been screaming in the car for probably 15 minutes because the wind was so ferocious, it was loud and shaking the car and she was terrifed. The cave of the winds parking lot was gravel and dirt and when we stepped out into the lot, the dirt and tiny rocks were hitting us all in the face. I was screaming, the kids were screaming and my always cool, calm and collected husband was just trying to get us all to calm down! I was so furious with the situation that I screamed that we should all just go home. But then Carter said "But mom, you said we were going to do something fun" and that was all it took for me to get a grip, literally so as to not get blown over and then it was all good.

Once we were inside, all was well. Olivia finally calmed down. I calmed down and Carter was so thrilled to be going to a real cave.

The picture really don't do it justice. But what can I you know how hard it is to get a good photograph in a cave? :)
The kids did great. The only thing was I didn't have my baby Bjorn. You couldn't bring a baby backpack or a stroller so we literally carried Isaiah through a cave for almost an hour. He was pretty happy but we could tell all he wanted to do was get down and crawl around.
There were some pretty narrow passages as you can see by this picture of Carter.
Lots of other really neat things to see
The rest of the day was great despite the winds. I'm thankful we got to scratch one more thing off our list before we most likely move away next summer. Only one more thing on the list remains.....the Royal Gorge!

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