Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eleven month olds!

Isaiah turned eleven months old yesterday! One more month until his first birthday. I truly can't believe it. We're having him a little birthday party this weekend because Theo is going out of town for a while and we want daddy here for Isaiah's first birthday.

Isaiah, at eleven months old, you:

-are at such a fun age. You are almost ALWAYS happy! People often comment on how content and laid back you are. You are the light of my life.

-weigh between 19 and 20 pounds and are growing every single day it seems!

-are mostly sleeping through the night. You still wake up some  nights but don't usually have to be fed.

-are getting about 28-32 ounces of formula and about two to three jars of baby food. You are now eating quite a bit of table food (rice, bread, you LOVE bread, turkey meatballs, pasta, fruit, some veggies. You've had a couple of desserts but don't tell anyone!)

-will hopefully switch to regular milk soon but we'll see. You're still on soy formula and that seems to make you much happier.

-are still into everything. You are now opening the cabinets and pull out drawers. You like to get stuck under the kitchen chairs. But then you get frustrated and I have to pull you out :)

-are pulling up but not quite standing up yet but it won't be long.

-are moving so fast. The pictures I usually take of you look like this:

-have four teeth with two more front side teeth breaking through.

-love all of the toys you got for Christmas. You love any thing that rolls and that you can chase. As long as Olivia and Carter don't steal your toys first!

-have almost outgrown your 9-12 month clothes and are in a size 4 diaper. I still put you in cloth diapers half the time but you leak through almost every single one of them.

-are THE sweetest baby. I can't believe you are almost a year old. You never cease to amaze you. We love you more than the world!!!

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