Monday, January 2, 2012

Focus on the family

Thursday, the kids and I made a spontaneous trip up to Focus on the Family. I had been promising Carter I would take him somewhere fun while he was on break from school and he chose Focus. We hadn't been since our trip back in April. I was also reminiscing about this visit when Olivia was just a wee baby.I knew it was going to be crazy with all the kids being out of school, but I must say, my kids were great and could not have behaved more perfectly! Thank you Jesus for days like that!!!

The first thing Carter wanted to do was to go to the bookstore (*aka* VeggieTales capital of America). He did very good only looking at things and didn't pitch a fit at all when we left without buying a single thing. So proud of Carter for that :)
My little technologicaly savvy child went straight for the computers after that
Olivia crawled through the tunnels
They put on a play and puppet show
But their favorite part, as always, is the toddler room. Isaiah is finally old enough to crawl around and enjoy it. He had so much fun, as did Carter and Livie. Initially, Isaiah only wanted to play with the wheels on someone else's stroller :)

But then he discovered it was more fun to play
And so did Olivia and Carter

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