Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas: Part Two

Christmas morning started around 6:30 in our house due to a very hardly-can-contain-myself Carter!
Olivia and Isaiah weren't so eager to wake up but fortunately, Santa left Carter a McDonald's drive-thru and that kept him occupied for a while. Okay, more like ten minutes and then he was asking (about 2,534 times) to wake up Olivia and open the presents :)

Santa brough Isaiah a wooden toy train.
And when Princess Olivia finally woke up, she got a Melissa and Doug pizza set (and of course, half of the ownership rights of the McDonalds!)
We let the kids open one present and then we sat down to have breakfast. I made a coffee cake (which I cooked way to long and was rather crunchy!)

and a hasbrown casserole. The casserole was cake, not so much but it was edible at least :)
Then the present opening commenced. It was nothing but pure chaos afterwards.
Isaiah was happy to just chew on the wrapping paper.
 The funniest thing...Theo's parents got the kids some things but also sent them a card with some money in it. When Olivia opened it, she was so excited. She said "Oooooo, MONEY!" And what better to go with a McDonald's drive-thru then real money!
The aftermath:
And I used the cloth bags mom and Aunt Laney made a couple of years ago to wrap several presents! We probably would have had 2 big bags of trash if I hadn't. Those bags were a life saver with several funny shaped things I had to wrap!

Our families were so generous as always. Grandmother made us all crocheted blankets that I cherish so much. Omaw and Papaw sent the kids all of their favorite things and Isaiah got a really cute airplane rocker toy (haven't gotten a picture of it yet though). Grandpa sent us all money which will be added to the kids savings account. Grandma and Pop pops sent the kids some clothes and toys and of course, the money :) Nana got the kids a few things off of their walmart wish list. Our other family members sent wonderful things as well. Thank you all so much for your kindness!
And just so I can remember this in a few years....while we did have a great Christmas, the spirit of ungratefulness and whininess appeared in our oldest child. I spent much of the day feeling quite disappointed that although he got almost everything he asked for, he still had an ungrateful attitude. Is it ever enough? So since then, I've begun taking his favorite presents away if he is disobedient or disrespectul. That seems to be working and I think it's making him appreciate all of the things he got more. Hopefully....

Overall, we did have a wonderful Christmas. We loved having Isaiah with us this year and Olivia was such a delight too!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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