Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten months old!

At the beginning of the month, Isaiah turned ten months old! He is growing and changing so much. He is the best and most easy baby in the whole world, you know, mostly!
Isaiah, at ten months old you:

-weigh about 18 or 19 pounds and are so long!

-just got over your first little stomach virus and since then, you've had a ravenous appetite. It was struggle to get you to take more than 5 ounces at a time, but now you can easily drink 6-8 ounces at a time. This past weekend, daddy kept you and fed you. A. LOT! You got 4-5 jars of baby food and about 32 ounces of formula. And guess what! You started sleeping through the night!!! Tuesday night I was worried it might be a fluke. I followed daddy's "advice" and fed you as much as you wanted and you slept over ten hours straight! (Cue the "Hallelujiah" chorus!) So proud of you little man.

-still take two naps a day but I bet by your first birthday, you'll be down to one. You usually have to take a catnap in the car after we get Carter from school and then you take a long afternoon nap. It actually works out pretty well. I have to wake you up at 7:15 almost every morning to take Carter to school. If I didn't have to do that, I know you'd sleep all morning.

-finally have two front teeth. They are about halfway down and I think two more top side teeth will be popping through any day now.

-have hair that is finally long enough to get curly when it's wet. Daddy loves seeing your "black side" as he calls it :) I'm so glad you'll have curls like Carter and Olivia. I don't know what I'd do with a straight haired kid!

-are starting to get some table food but you really prefer baby food. Your big brother was the same way and would have taken baby food forever if we'd have let him. You love the little "baby" snacks they make, i'e. yogurt metls, puffs and your favorite, these sweet potato rice cakes. But as far as chunky fruits and veggies, you'd prefer liquid bananas :) You do like bread though and pasta.

-are also trying to get used to a cup but all you really do is bite on the top instead of actually drinking from it. You get an ounce of apple juice a day to help with your little tummy but you still would rather drink it out of a bottle.

-are moving around everywhere! You are so fast in just a few short weeks that if I turn my back for too long, I have to go search the house for you. You've been trying to pull yourself up for as long as you've been crawling but so far, you can only get onto your knees. Won't be long though. You are an active little guy. You won't hardly let me hold you anymore because you push off of me trying to get down. It makes me a little sad not to able to hold and cuddle you but I know it's because you're a growing boy and want to explore the world around you.

-are in a size 12 month clothes and a size 4 diaper. It's really funny that you and Olivia wear the same size diaper now but you're only about 6 pounds different in weight! I don't know what size shoe you wear because I haven't put any on you in months.

-are a magnet for any small particle on the floor. The things I dig out of your mouth never cease to amaze me. And the stuff that gets stuck on your clothes from crawling around is horrible! I sweep daily (and sometimes several times in a day) but it's not enough. Daddy and I decided we're just going to attach a swiffer pad to your pants and let you clean the floor for us! Ha!!!

-are fascinated with the Christmas tree. Fortuanately, it's in the front living room where we spend very little time or you'd constantly chew on all the light bulbs. You are especially fond of the red glittery ball ornaments. I can't wait for you first Christmas!

-are talking all the time. You always say dadda and sometimes say momma and I promise it sounds like you've been saying "yeah" when I ask you questions :)

-love just about all of your toys. You love things that spin, light up, or make noise. You love chewing on Carter's blocks. You love books too but mostly just pick them up and chew on them. You are quickly outgrowing the exersaucer because you'd rather be crawling around. But you still love the jumper and bounce like crazy when your brother isn't making you swing around in it like George of the Jungle!

-are the most laid back (I know, I say this every single time) baby ever. And now that you are finally sleeping through the night, I love you that much more! :) You have brought us so much life, happiness, joy. We would be incomplete without you. I can't believe in less than two months, you'll be a year old! We are so thankful God brought you to us, healthy and perfect. We love you so much Baby I!!!

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Aunt Laney said...

He is such a beautiful little man!