Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas: Part One

I am so glad Theo has been off the past few days. I really miss him when he's not here. Christmas Eve was spent shopping (if you know my husband, you are not at all surprised by this!) and then we went to mass. The kids did pretty well during mass. It's been forever since we've all been together. But at one point towards the end, Carter said rather loudly, "Is Santa coming yet?" :) See where his priorities were! Olivia wore her made-by-mommy Christmas dress and wore the reversible side for the first time. I thought it was too cute!

After mass, we drove around our neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights. Isaiah was passed out in the carseat but Olivia and Carter enjoyed it. Isaiah woke up when we got home, which was almost 9:00 by that point. I put them in their new Christmas pajamas and tried to get a good photo...when really everyone was thinking how Carter looks here:
We read the Christmas story from Luke (okay, more like I read while Olivia and Isaiah did their own thing. At least Carter was semi-listening). We always did this when I was a kid and I want to carry on that tradition. How could we celebrate Christmas without actually talking about Jesus' birthday?

Then off to bed the kids went. They were so sleepy by that point that no one really put up a fight! We were so excited that it was going to be little man's first Christmas too!

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