Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My fabulous weekend!

What a wonderful time I had this weekend with mom and Aunt Laney. I must first say what an amazing husband I have to allow me to escape from the insanity known as motherhood to have a ladies weekend. Theo did an excellent job holding down the fort while I was away and the kids seemed thrilled to have the time to spend with him.

I wasn't supposed to arrive into Dallas until almost 11 p.m. But as luck would have it, our plane was going to be delayed two hours from Colorado Springs to Denver. The airline was going to bus everyone up to Denver but since I was heading to Dallas, I was able to switch airlines and get a nonstop flight from the Springs to Dallas. I ended up getting to Dallas as the exact time as mom and Aunt Laney.....except for a little detour around the airport...:) Shut the front door!!!

Friday night we stayed in and had dinner at Copelands at the hotel. Yummmy! We don't have any good restaurants here where I can get good Cajun food so it was great to have crawfish etoufee :)

We stayed at the Hilton in the Southlake town center (thanks to Aunt Laney's great friends and family discount!). This was the view from our room:

So Saturday we headed out the town center and hit all the little shops. It was great. I scored a pair of Loft pants for $2! Can you believe that? Everyone was having great sales being the weekend before Christmas but I managed to reign myself in and not spend too much on clothes :)

We had lunch at this Tuscan Grill and the food was really good. I can't remember the name of the place but I'd definitely eat there again.

Aren't these ladies just beautiful? And they are, inside and out. So glad I got to spend some time with them.

Sunday was our big day out. We were on several missions to purchase things and I think I got everything accomplished. We ate breakfast at LaMadeline's. Fab.U.Lous. I had never eaten there before and it was delicious! We headed to Ikea and it was a whole experience. I only spent a few dollars but man, if I didn't have to worry about packing everything in my suitcase, I probably would have gone Cah-razy! Good thing we also have an Ikea up in Denver because I will probably be going there very soon. We ran a lot of other errands and did a LOT of shopping. I forgot how easy shopping was without three kids in tow :)

Sunday night I went to see Breaking Dawn by myself. I think this may have been the first time I had ever seen a movie by myself but it was really fun. Theo was thankful it was one less Twilight movie he'd be forced to see!
Monday it was time to leave and honestly by that point, I was ready to see my sweet little family. I got home a little later due to the terrible weather and ice on the runway in Denver. It was snowing and 20 degrees when I arrived and I had instantly wished I was back in the South!

The kids were so happy to see me. They made me a welcome home sign that Carter colored and Theo had dinner ready and a cup of hot chocolate for me. He definitely gets the best husband of the year award from me! Now it's back to life. When I'm dealing with temper tantrums and whining, I am going to reflect on my happy times this past weekend and remember as my mom was saying "There is a "me" in mommy" Ahhhh, true words of wisdom.

Thanks mom and Aunt Laney for the best time I have had in a long time! Can't wait to do it again  next year!!!

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