Thursday, May 10, 2012

15 months!

May 2nd, Isaiah turned 15 months old! It has been a wonderfully amazing 15 months and Theo and I are amazed at our youngest little guy every day. We honestly can't imagine not having him as part of our family. He just adds such joy and contentment in our lives.

The biggest news is.....Isaiah is going to be a BIG..........walker!!! No, most definitely NOT a big brother but I can't resist pulling everyone's leg :). Isaiah started taking some steps on April 29th (Nana's birthday!) and by his 15 month birthday, he was walking everywhere. He is so funny to watch and he works on mastering his balance. He's so determined though. He falls down a lot and gets right back up. He is virtually walking all the time now but will still occassionally crawl. Now if we could only do away with bottles, he'd be a really big boy!

He's wearing 24 month size tops, 18 month pants, size 4 shoe, size four diaper. He eats ANYTHING! He's saying momma, dadda (much more than momma), bubba, bye, ball, yeah. He talks all the time now. I thought he would be the most laid back of the three but that still remains to be seen. He will definitely make his opinion known, especially to his sister. He is into everything these days. I can't turn my back for a second. He opens all the cabinets, drawers, loves the dig around in the fridge and pantry. But he's the cutest thing ever!!! He wins peoples hearts wherever we go. He's certainly won ours! We love you big boy and can't wait to watch you grow up even more!!

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The Shoemakers said...

That's so cute that Isaiah sucks his first two fingers and Ava sucks her middle two fingers. I can't wait to get the kids together :)