Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Denver trip

Friday, Olivia had her follow-up appointment at Children's in Denver. She receieve a clean bill of health, praise the Lord! So we decided to make a little weekend getaway out of it. We had a good time but it was challenging staying in a hotel with three kids. Let's just say, I might have brough Benadryl.....I will neither confirm nor deny that though. If only Isaiah could have had some....but I digress.

Friday, we got to the hotel late on account of Denver traffic, so we ordered take-out and then (attempted) to get everyone to bed. This is the chaos that is otherwise known as our hotel room. You should have seen the stuff we brough for one overnight trip. One hasn't traveled until they have traveled with kids!!

Saturday, Olivia and Isaiah were up bright and early (i.e. 6:30) so we all got our suits on and headed to the indoor pool. We had a blast! This was the first time since last summer that the kids have gotten to go swimming. They were waiting by the door for us!

We swam for over an hour, got ready, and then had our left over dinner for lunch. We had originally planned on going to the Denver museum of science and nature and then the aquarium but only made it to the first place. We spend three hours there and the kids were ready to drive home:) Good thing about this museum is that is was free for active duty so this turned out to be a very inexpensive little trip!

On a side note, this little monkey was attempting to jump off the bed and into the pack-n-play and busted her lip while Theo was picking up dinner!

So, as I was saying...the museum was a lot of fun and in three hours, we still didn't see everything.
The first stop was the a play area for younger kids. They had all kinds of activities. Carter had the most fun building with the blocks, surprise, surprise! He also loved the globe and Livie loved the piano and dancing around.
Isaiah was just amazed at everything!! :)

And more pictures soon....

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