Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bringing home baby

We came home from the hospital a little over 24 hours after Isaiah was born. We had the option to stay another night but I knew Carter and Olivia were ready to not only see us, but their new baby brother. The reaction we got when the three of us walked through the door was priceless. I so wish I had videotaped it. They were both screaming with excitement and Carter was saying "I wanna see my baby brother!" Apparently, I've been replaced but I'm totally fine with that!

The three of us getting ready to leave the hospital:

Olivia was happy at first until Isaiah started crying...then she wasn't so sure about him. I think it'll take some getting used to for her. She loves to pat his head but is a little rough at times.

So thankful to be home!


Brandi and Adam Hart said...

What a precious family! I'm glad yall are home with your other two cuties. You and Theo sure do make pretty babies! Congrats!

Susan Maki said...

I love the way Carter is looking at Isaiah while he is holding him!! So much love there :-) You guys have a beautiful family!