Monday, February 14, 2011

Our weekend recap

The weather was sooooo nice this weekend! Friday we ventured out for the first time as a family of five. We went to Target, I ran into JoAnns for a minute, to the library, bank, and had lunch at this new Mediterranean place (yummy! Livie even ate falafel which is ground up garbanzo beans mixed with other stuff and fried!)
Isaiah was an angel. The other two....not so much! No, Carter was pretty good but Olivia is at a rough age right now because nothing seems to satisfy her. But we stayed our for a few hours and all came home alive so I guess that's saying something!

Saturday we didn't get out of our pajamas. We mostly played with the kids and caught up with stuff that needed to be done around the house. Carter and I put together his Valentine's for his school party. Saturday night, I cooked for the first time in ages. We have a stockpile of frozen food that my mother-in-law made while she was here. We are so grateful for that but I wanted to eat something that wasn't frozen! We attemtped to watch The Town for the second night in a row after the kids were asleep but we were both so tired, we couldn't make it through much of the movie!

Sunday I had a spur of the moment idea to try and go to church...then I ended up taking all three kids by myself!

This is us heading out the door to church. Sorry about the quality of the was super sunny so we were trying to hide in the shadows!
What can I say..... I was feeling adventurous. After I convinced Carter he would have fun, the boys did great and it was Olivia who was a little bit of a trouble maker. Bless her heart though she has about five teeth all trying to come in at one time so I'm hoping that is the reason she is so cranky these days.  I sat in the nursing mom's room with Isaiah and he was a happy little camper. After church, we went to Whole Foods for a couple of things. Theo and I took the kids to the park after church and it was so sunny, I'm pretty sure I got a sunburn in February! Then that afternoon, Isaiah made his first trip to the grocery store near our house and Carter tagged along. They both did really well.  I even got two scrapbook pages done this weekend (from when Carter was Olivia's age...I'm not really that far behind though I promise!)  It's nice to not need a nap everyday so I can actually have some real free time. Carter and I baked a heart shaped cake and some cupcakes while the younger two were sleeping.

Isaiah was pretty unhappy last night in the early night. But finally I got him to sleep and he woke up every couple of hours to nurse and would fall back asleep. I don't mind nursing him frequently at night as long as he'll go back to sleep when he's done! :) 

Today will be my first attempt to take all three of them to Carter's school. I'm so thankful it will at least be warm outside and I don't have to deal with the freezing winds or snow. Carter has his Valentine's Day party at school and I always look forward to seeing him with his little friends!

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!

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The Shoemakers said...

Well it looks like you have things under control. I wonder if it's a middle child thing bc Leslie is a little drama queen. Jackson said it's all females but whatever!!LOL