Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In honor of Isaiah

I have some of the most amazing women in my life! Sunday, my mom and my best friend Meredith, in cahoots with Theo, threw a little party for Isaiah.

My mom brought all kinds of Mardi Gras things, (including a delicious chocolate filled king cake!!!), beads, masks, themed plates and napkins all the way from Louisiana. Meredith made a cute little banner for Isaiah and brought chocolate covered strawberries of which I ate no less than 12. She also brought a decorated jar full of one of my favorite candies, Reeses peanut butter cups.

Considering my mom has only known our baby was a boy for a little over two weeks, she has been super busy making Isaiah all kinds of boy things! She monogrammed all sorts of things including a hooded towel, some gowns, and made an applique shirt that looks like it has a tie on it! Meredith gave him some cute onesies and some toys.

Isaiah now has some of his own clothes and toys and blankets. My grandmother crocheted a beautiful blue, yellow and white blanket. My Aunt Vickie knitted him a gorgeous delicate white blanket.  I took a picture of them but again, I think it must have been on mom's camera so I'll have to add it later. Mom even monogrammed all the kids Mardis Gras themed shirts but of course they got them filthy so I couldn't get a group picture :) Here is a glimpse of Isaiah's shirt....

and his knitted hat....

 We are such proud parents of our little man and so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives!

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