Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highlights of our week with Omaw

Hi again! I have returned from zombie land and am back to blogging once more. The last two and a half days of my visit with mom were spent with both of us very sick with fever, chills, and a stomach virus! Poor Olivia was sick too but she did better than the two of us did.  Anyway, so here is what the rest of our week was like:

As I mentioned in my last post, mom and Meredith helped us celebrate Isaiah with a little Mardi Gras party. It was so sweet and thoughtful and I just cried when it was over.

Monday was Presidents Day. Carter was out of school. Theo was off from work and mom agree to watch all three kids while Theo and I went out on a lunch date.
 I was of course a little worried leaving Isaiah but we were gone for a whole THREE hours and he did great. Theo and I went downtown and ate at King Chef's Diner. He'd eaten there before with some folks from work but I had never been there. The food was great but definitely not diet friendly. Then we walked around and visited some shops we've been wanting to go to. It was great!

Tuesday, I ended up taking Isaiah into the doctor. Sunday night he developed a pretty wet cough and I was concerned even though he didn't have fever. I also thought he was refluxing and wanted to see about getting him on some meds. Carter and Olivia had both had snotty noses so I figured Isaiah had the same cold as them and I was right. His chest was clear so I felt much better and I got him some meds....well sort of. Long story short, we had not added him onto our insurance yet because we had to have his birth certificate. So I spent Tuesday going to the doctor and then getting Isaiah's birth certificate. Theo had to be the one to take the necessary paperwork to his work which ended up not being until Thursday. But now Isaiah is insured and on meds.

Wednesday Carter was back at school. Mom, the younger two kids, and I went to Penney's and I got my first pair of "skinny" jeans. I call them skinny jeans for the not-so-skinny :). I tried on a few pair and one brand I couldn't even get over my thighs. It's not even because I just gave birth because I'm basically back to my pre-pregnancy size (with a wee little muffin top!) but these jeans were so tight there was no way I could have gotten into them....evah!  So after we picked up Carter, we headed to Manitou Springs. When mom was here in September, we went to this little shop and she saw these cute measuring spoons she wanted. Well, I hadn't made it back down there since then so I wanted to get them for her. I couldn't remember the name of the store and as luck would have it, when we finally found it, it was closed. Not for good, but apparently that day. I was so frustrated! Sorry mom :)

Wednesday mom made me another nursing cover in less than an hour. She is fantastic. I couldn't nurse Isaiah under the pink and brown one I used with Olivia. It's bad enough he sleeps in a pink miracle blanket. Ha!

Thursday was cold and by that evening, mom and I were both very sick. Friday and Saturday were pretty much a blur and Theo even had to take mom to the airport because I could barely get off the couch. Sunday I woke up feeling better and actually ate something. Thanks to the stomach virus of 2011, I lost almost all of my baby weight! What can I say, I'm trying to be a glass half full kinda person :)

Lots more pictures of Isaiah to come soon......


Georgette said...

I stil can't believe you have another baby I haven't met yet! Miss you guys so much.

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