Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Month Old!

I can not believe I gave birth to my sweet little man a month ago today! I pushed him out of my womb and into this world in what seems like only moments ago.  Even though the first few nights seemed neverending, the time has gone by so fast since then.

Little Isaiah, your brother and sister just love you! They both love kissing you and trying to give you hugs. Olivia has even started licking your face. Carter tells you everyday how cute you are and how much he loves you. When you're cranky, Carter will try and soothe you by saying "Baby, baby, shhhhh". It's soooo sweet. They are both adjusting to you quite well. Your big sister will occassionally get jealous when I'm nursing you but other than that, she can't get enough of you.

At one month old, you:

- weigh about 7 pounds and 13 ounces according to our home scale
-are nursing about every 3 hours but need more frequent feedings during the "witching hour"
-are peeing and pooping constantly and I frequently have to change your outfits because you've peed through your diaper! :)
-are a pretty happy baby but prefer to be held
-refuse to sleep in the pack and play. I think you love the plushness of mommy and daddy's pillowtop mattress and sleep so soundly in our bed. You still don't have a crib yet but will hopefully get one soon
-sleep pretty well at night most nights and nurse every 3 hours at night
-have had your first "cold" and also got started on reflux medicine which seems to help you feel better
-have been all over the place and run lots of errands with momma and are always so happy asleep in your carset
-enjoyed your first visit with Omaw and loved her holding you all the time
-are so alert when you're not sleeping and love to look around. You like to look at the fan, can follow faces, and respond well to sounds
-can hold your head up briefly when I have you up against my chest
-can turn your head side to side when on your tummy
-are still the spitting image of your brother and we can't wait to see how you will resemble him when you get older

Isaiah, you can not imagine how much joy you bring to your family. We feel incredibly blessed to be your parents. I am trying to slow down, take the time to hold and rock you for I know this stage is only but a breath and before long, you will be a big boy. We pray we teach you how to have a heart for Jesus, even from a young age. We love you more than the world. Happy one month birthday little man!


The Shoemakers said...

He is precious! I cant wait to hold him!

Carol said...

I miss holding him already!!! Give him a one month kiss from his Omaw!

Laney said...

He is so adorable.