Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What would you do?

Do you ever watch that show What would you do? Well, Theo and I watch it sometimes and it always makes for interesting conversations afterwards. Today, I felt like I was the bystander and then later the "victim" in that show. So here's how it went was just one of those weird days....

This morning, I went to one of the public libraries and as I was getting the stroller out, I hear a man yelling from across the parking lot. I look over and it was an old man (I'm talking white hair, handicapped parking place, etc) yelling at this woman, cursing at her, calling her stupid, the whole nine yards. At first I thought it was his wife and they were having a big fight. But the woman is getting in her car with him right literally an inch away from her and he's not getting in. So then, the man's wife comes out of the library and asks what was wrong. He replies "She hit the d*+#n car!" And muttered some other choice words. Well, as the woman in the car drives off, the wife starts beating on the hood of the woman's car. I think the woman just dinged the car door because she wasn't even driving yet and it was about to get her assaulted. I was appalled! I kept thinking how horrified if that was my husband acting that way! I told a librarian what happened just in case the woman files a police report or something. I kept waiting for John Quinones to pop out of the bushes with a t.v. crew and ask me why I didn't get involved!

So this afternoon, I took the kids to the park literally across the street from our house. After a while at the park, I saw a loose dog, about the size of a German shephard near our house. I watched it for several minutes and the whole time I could see what was about to happen. It kept looking at us and finally after about 5 minutes, it crossed the street and ran toward us. I told Carter to get on the playground equipment and stay up there while I grabbed Olivia and held her. The dog took off running over to us and I turned my back to him to protect Olivia and it started jumping on top of us, almost knocking us down. Isaiah, praise the Lord, was safe in the stroller. The dog never bit us and was probably a friendly dog but jumped on Olivia and me repeatedly. I couldn't even walk because the dog was on top of my back. Olivia was screaming. I was screaming "Help us". The people in the house 10 feet from where we were are sitting at their dining room table (I can see them because the blinds were open) and I'm waving and screaming to them to help us and they never even came out of the house. This went on for probably one or two minutes. Two cars pull up finally and one woman gets out and asks us if we need help. At the same time, a man pulls up and gets the dog for us and puts it in his truck (it wasn't his dog). Then a lady jogging on the trail behind the park came over to us and asked us if we needed anything. Once the dog was gone, I realized everything was fine. But I am so angry at the people just sitting in their house not doing a single thing while a large dog is jumping on top of me and my small daughter. I am so tempted to go knock on their door and give them a piec of my mind. But what good would that do? Probably not much.  Again, I kept waiting for t.v. crews but none came...fortunately for me this time because I was a hysterical wreck. Poor Olivia is still terrified and doesn't want me to put her down. I have a feeling it will be a while before we can go back to the park. But we are safe (angry but safe) so that's all that really matters. God protected us and I'm so thankful all of my babies are unharmed!

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Laney said...

You live on base. Call base security and report it. I would think that dogs running free on base would warrant action on their part.