Tuesday, March 1, 2011

18 months old!

March 12th marked Olivia's 18 month old "birthday". All day Carter kept saying "Mommy, Olivia is 18 months old today. You can't believe it?" No Carter, I most certainly can not believe it.  I can still remember holding her for the first time and her snuggling up against my chest. I can still remember how tiny she was and much she favored my grandma when Olivia was first born. I can still remember the drive home from the hospital and those first few nights. And now 18 months later, so many things have changed yet so many have stayed the same.

Olivia enjoying her St. Patrick's Day cookie :)

My sweet Olivia, at 18 months old you:

-have finally mastered walking and do seem much happier to have free roam of the house on feet instead of knees!
-are still a really good eater and not afraid to try new things
-weigh about 21 pounds but feel and look heavier. You have chunky little legs and a kissable chunky little neck (I don't know where you get that from!)
-love both of your brothers very much and love to lavish your kisses on them
-wear a size 4 diaper when in disposables, a size 5 shoe, and really need to be in 24 month clothes now
-talk all the time although we don't always understand you. Your favorite words are still dada, bubbles, bubba, "dis" and "dat" (this and that) "doos and docks" (shoes and socks) more, "da doo" (thank you), "duce" (juice) and a whole lexicon of toddler words
-love the new show Bubble Guppies and scream "bubbles" over and over when it comes on
-love to play outside
-love to look at books
-love to go to the park but you mostly sit and put wood chips in your mouth
-are finally doing better at night. You will often still wake up and cry for a few minutes but we aren't having to go in a check on you anymore
-wake up almost every morning in such a good mood
-are getting six teeth all at the same time. When they are all in, you will have almost all of you baby teeth. It makes you miserable but Motrin makes you feel much better!
-love bath time and love to put your face in the water which makes mommy and daddy very nervous!
-are into EVERYthing right now! You have pulled several things off the table, including a full glass of water the other day and it splashed right in your face. You weren't too happy about that. We are learning to move all things to the center of the table :)

You are the light of our lives. We love having a precious princess in the house and all of the joys that go along with having a daughter. We couldn't ask for a more beautiful little girl who fills our hearts with overflowing love. We are so proud to be your parents Livie Bell!

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Brandi and Adam Hart said...

Happy birthday, Olivia! I like the part where she puts wood chips in her mouth at the park. She and SB would get along great! That's all she does at the park. I am constantly digging stuff out of her mouth!