Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reunited and it feels so good!

Monday night, Theo got home! And he brought his mom and dad. This was Pop Pops (Theo's dad) first time to meet Isaiah. After the initial couple of minutes of Isaiah being completely overwhelmed, he was smitten with his Pop Pops and vice versa! It is so sweet to see him interact with his other set of grandparents. Carter and Olivia were pretty excited to see daddy too but unfortunately, Olivia has been pretty sick all week. Other than that, she is back to her old role as daddy's girl.

I spent several days cleaning and preparing for the family to arrive. I'm glad that's over with and now the house is back to total disarray. But as a friend of mine posted on pinterest "A well kept house is a sign of a misspent life!" Couldn't agree more. Carter also wanted to have a "party" for daddy's homecoming. Of course, it was just us but he insisted the party would not be complete with a banner,balloons and a cake.

I made the Southern Living recipe for carrot cake (one of Theo's favorite kinds of cake) and it was delicious if I do say so myself. I of course forgot to take any pictures of it before I shoveled it into my mouth took a bite. Oh well, next time.

Carter also got his daddy a "card" (sharpie marker on paper a sidenote, I did discover that Mr. Clean magic eraser works wonders on getting red permanent marker off of corian countertops....) Anyway, I love this! I love how Carter spelled excited :) Made this momma's heart proud.
I am so happy to have my husband, my partner in crime and life, my best friend home finally! I know there are longer separations in our near future with his new job but I am thanking God for all the moments we have together right now.
Wednesday night we were able to get away for an hour, even if it was only to go to Target to get Olivia's antibiotics.

She was supposed to have her second bronchoscopy this week but she has an awful cough and ran fever for two days. So we're postponing it to next week. Please pray for her. She seems to be doing better today but is still coughing and throwing up a LOT! I'm thankful that at least Theo and his parents are here to help me now.

So that's all I know. Theo went straight back to work but hopefully will be able to take some time off after Easter. The grandparents are doing a good job of keepin the kids entertained so I'm able to relax a tiny bit :) Hopefully Theo and I will get a real date night this weekend if Olivia is feeling better. I am enjoying the free babysitting known as grandparents!! Have a great rest of the week!

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Brandi Hart said...

I'm so happy for you, Jaime! Welcome home, Theo!