Friday, February 12, 2010

Five months old!

These have been some of the most fun and most challenging five months of my life. Every night as I put Olivia down in her crib, I smile, kiss her on her forehead and say a quick prayer thanking God for the wonderful children he has given me. Her personality is getting more and more fun. She is content to play on the floor on her blanket and kick her feet up, suck on her fingers, and "talk". At five months old, you:

-weigh about 13 and 1/2 pounds

-nurse about every 3-4 hours during the day

-have finally started sleeping 8-9 hour stretches at night and only wake up once to eat! I can not tell you how happy (and sane) this has made me! I feel like a new person. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

-love it when your brother laughs in your face because this makes you laugh too

-must be teething because you can not stop chewing on anything you can get your mouth on (like the high chair!

-can't go anywhere without someone commenting on how beautiful you are or your head full of hair, or you big bright blue eyes

-blew your first "raspberry" today

-squeal loudly when you are happy

-have fingernails that grow so fast I can't clip them enough

-are trying to sit up when you are propped up

-have started rolling over from your tummy to your back but not all the time (daddy still hasn't seen you roll yet)

-are so ticklish especially under your neck and your belly button

-love your teething toys, watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune

-are about to make your first trip on an airplane to Louisiana to meet some more of your family in four days!

-are such a happy baby. We can go anywhere doing anything and you are almost always such a good and happy girl (unless it's eating time)

-are still cranky some evenings but a lot less than before

-go to sleep so easily at night now and very rarely cry

-were so excited the Saints won the superbowl (ok....maybe I'm projecting!)

-have the biggest thighs but they are so cute I just want to kiss them all the time!

-adore your daddy and get the biggest grin on your face when he comes home and you have him completely wrapped around your slobbery finger!

-make your mommy and daddy so happy! We can not imagine our lives without you! You are the sweetest baby.


williams said...

I am so ready for everyone here to meet her! Love the pictures! Who makes those cute onesies for her each month?

The Shoemakers said...

They do grow up so fast! Can't believe Bradley will be 9 soon!!