Friday, February 5, 2010


I just had to come and post this before I forgot it. Carter has a set prayer that he prays at night. It goes like this: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for the day. Bless mommy, daddy, me, Olivia, and all my family and friends. I love you Jesus. Amen." Well, I have been trying to encourage him to pray for whatever he wants to. This is what he came up with tonight: "Dear Jesus, Thank you for helping me be a good boy at the grocery store, gas station, and recycling. Bless us as we read our stories and return our books to library." How sweet is that! I guess that is what was important to him today. I am thankful Jesus knows his little heart, even when he's praying about Dora books!

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williams said...

A sweetheart with a sweet heart! Awww!